How Do I View Payment Transaction Details?

To view payment transaction details, complete the following steps:


  1. On the ACM$ homepage, below quick search, you will see three sections: Draft Transactions, Awaiting Awardee Certification and Received Transactions. Select the transaction ID number under Draft Transactions, Awaiting Awardee Certification, or Received Transactions to see the payment transaction details.


Note: The ACM$ homepage will display the five most recent transactions for each section. To view all transactions, please select the “View All” link above each list.

Note: You can also navigate to a Payment Transaction Details page by selecting the transaction ID that appears in the results of a quick search or advanced transaction search.




Figure 1 - Transaction Section Details with Transactions ID's and View All links circled


  1. You can now see the payment transaction summary for your selected transaction.  You may also navigate to the Payment or Adjustment tabs for the selected transaction.




Figure 2 - Transaction Summary with all tabs circled