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National Science Foundation Launches New Web Radio Series

Prototype logo.

Prototype logo.

Credit: NSF

Permission Granted

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has launched Prototype, a long-format radio interview program that introduces accomplished innovators and the unique stories behind their successes. The program will air on NSF's Science360 Radio Channel.

Prototype guests are entrepreneurs and researchers who carried their breakthroughs from the laboratory to the marketplace and elsewhere in the public sector. Hosted by NSF's Josh Chamot, each episode highlights the work of researchers from across the agency's portfolio, with an introduction on the core technology from producer Laurie Howell.

The first two episodes to launch illustrate the breadth of Prototype content:

Jay LeBoeuf

Jay LeBoeuf was the founder and CEO of Imagine Research (recently acquired by iZotope), where he developed the MediaMined™ search engine for sound files. By creating a platform to search audio files by their aural characteristics--as opposed to keywords--he and his technology have revolutionized sound searches for the music and film industries.

Sheldon Jacobson

Sheldon Jacobson of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is an expert in operations research, and while his efforts have stretched from vaccine stockpiling to statistics, his studies on security continue to influence policy and practice, including screening activities at airports.

Future episodes will post to this link. All are in the public domain and available for re-broadcast.


Media Contacts
Joshua A. Chamot, NSF (703) 292-7730

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