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 2019 Offered Award List

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Name Baccalaureate Institution Field of Study Current Institution
Abbott, Michael Eiji University of California-Santa Barbara Engineering - Mechanical Engineering University of California-Berkeley
Abraham, Joel Opila Yale University Life Sciences - Ecology
Abramson, Rose Antoinette Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Engineering UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY
Abratenko, Polina University of Michigan Ann Arbor Physics and Astronomy - Particle Physics University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Adams, Hallie Rose Western Washington University Geosciences - other (specify) - Ecohydrology
Adamson, Elise University of Maryland Baltimore County Life Sciences - Neurosciences Duke University
Addo, Rhea-Comfort Akuah California State University-Long Beach Life Sciences - Developmental Biology UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO
Adenekan, Rachel Adeola Gabriella Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Stanford University
Adkins, Raymond Case Western Reserve University Physics and Astronomy - Physics of Living Systems University of California-Santa Barbara
Adkins-Threats, Mahliyah Lenore Truman State University Life Sciences - Developmental Biology Washington University
Agbi, Theodore Osaremen Yale University Engineering - Chemical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison
Agness, Daniel James Stanford University Social Sciences - Economics University of California-Berkeley
Aguilar, Jessica Maria University of California-Davis Life Sciences - Evolutionary Biology UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY
Aguillard, Ashley Michelle University of Missouri-Columbia Life Sciences - other (specify) - Nutritional Sciences University of Missouri-Columbia
Aguirre, Claudia Gabriela University of Southern California Psychology - other (specify) - Behavioral Neuroscience University of California-Los Angeles
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