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 Reference Submission Deadline

Deadline for submission of reference letters is October 29, 2021 (Friday) 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

  • Reference letters must be submitted on or before the deadline
  • Three (3) Reference Writer names are mandatory and two (2) Reference Letters must be received
  • Use the "Check Application Package Status" feature to ensure application completeness.

 Prepare Reference Letter

One or more applicants to NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program have requested that you provide a reference letter in support of their application. Applications must have two reference letters in order to be reviewed. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please notify the applicant as soon as possible so that the applicant may request another reference letter. Any GRFP reference letters you have submitted in past competitions for an applicant will not be transferred to this GRFP competition.
On behalf of the applicant and NSF, thank you for your participation and assistance.

 Login Instructions for Reference Writers

You will need to use a special account to submit GRFP reference letters every year. Any existing NSF account you have will not work for the GRFP reference letter module.

Log in per instructions you received in the e-mail from NSF requesting the letter of reference. Reference writer accounts are identified by the reference's e-mail address as entered by the applicant on their application. You must use the exact e-mail address entered by the applicant; use of an alternative e-mail account will not allow you to submit your letter to NSF. Your e-mail address can be found in the NSF e-mail requesting the letter of reference. If you have trouble with the password you were provided, please click here to Create a New Password.


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