Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

Privacy Act Notice and Public Burden Statements


The information requested on the application materials is solicited under the authority of the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, as amended. It will be used in connection with the selection of qualified applicants and may be disclosed to qualified reviewers and staff assistants as part of the review process; to the institution the nominee, applicant or fellow is attending or is planning to attend or is employed by for the purpose of facilitating review or award decisions, or administering fellowships or awards; to government contractors, experts, volunteers and researchers and educators as necessary to complete assigned work; to other government agencies needing data regarding applicants or nominees as part of the review process, or in order to coordinate programs; and to another Federal agency, court or party in a court or Federal administrative proceeding if the government is a party. Information from this system may be merged with other computer files to carry out statistical studies the results of which do not identify individuals. Notice of the agency's decision may be given to nominators, and disclosure may be made of awardees' names, home institutions, and fields of study for public information purposes. For fellows or awardees receiving stipends directly from the government, information is transmitted to the Department of the Treasury to make payments. See System of Records, NSF-12, "Fellowships and Other Awards," 63 Federal Register 265 (January 5, 1998). Submission of the information is voluntary; however, failure to provide full and complete information may reduce the possibility of your receiving an award.

Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 12 hours per response, including the time for reviewing instructions. Send comments regarding this burden estimate and any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to:

Suzanne H. Plimpton
Reports Clearance Officer
Office of the General Counsel
National Science Foundation
Alexandria, VA 22314



The National Science Foundation is committed to broadening the participation of groups currently underrepresented in science and engineering in NSF activities. In order to accurately gauge our progress in achieving this important goal, we ask that applicants provide the requested demographic information about themselves. Submission of the requested information is voluntary and is not a precondition of award. Nonetheless, we need your cooperation, for information not submitted will seriously undermine the statistical validity, and therefore the usefulness, of information we get from others.

Collection of this information is authorized by the NSF Act of 1950, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 1861, et seq. Demographic data allows us to gauge whether our programs and other opportunities in science and technology are fairly reaching and benefiting everyone regardless of demographic category, and to ensure that those in under-represented groups have the same knowledge of and access to programs, meetings, vacancies, and other research and educational opportunities as everyone else. The information will be held closely. Information from the system may be merged with other computer files in order to carry out statistical studies. Disclosure may be made for this purpose to NSF contractors and collaborating researchers, other Government agencies, and qualified research institutions and their staffs. The results of such studies are statistical in nature and do not identify individuals. The information will be added to the NSF Fellowships and Other Awards File, which covers individuals applying or nominated for and/or receiving NSF support, either individually or through an academic institution, including fellowships or awards of various types. See System of Records, NSF-12, "Fellowships and Other Awards," 63 Federal Register 265 (January 5, 1998).



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