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NSF Award Highlights

corn roots

Deeper roots mean more robust corn crops

Robust roots improve corn's drought tolerance and fertilizer efficiency ...

Research Areas: Biology

acid mine drainage seeps into water in cambria, pennsylvania

Recycled crab shells treat acid mine drainage

Chitin combined with calcium carbonate scrubs metal-laden water...

Research Areas: Engineering

nanotubes skewer thin polymer crystals of three different sizes

Repelling water with buckypaper

Enhanced nanotube mat could be used in sensor or electronics applications...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

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NSF Local Research Assets


Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center

The core of the PSLC is LearnLab, where education researchers create, run and analyze experiments on how people learn....

Type: Program Centers

Images from NSF-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers.

Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDI)

The Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDI) is a university-based enterprise providing innovative solutions for logistics and distribution excellence with partner organizations....

Type: Program Centers

photo montage including rocket take-off, jet aircraft, ship and sedan automobile.

Center for e-Design

The Center for e-Design helps companies develop design solutions in the interests of efficiency and product quality...

Type: Program Centers

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