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Arizona: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

61 Award Highlights found :: Arizona

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a researcher works with a !xuun speaker in namibia

Rare speech sounds discovered in African languages

Unusual click consonants in languages of Botswana and Namibia...

Research Areas: People & Society

the fabrication process for a nanoscale health monitoring system

From bioscience to bioeconomy

A wafer for biomed inspires molecular nanodevices ...

Research Areas: Biology

a mountain pine beetle

Saving forests from the bark beetle

Conceptual framework describes impacts of beetle outbreaks...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

demonstrators at an immigration rally

Enforcing immigration law at a local level

Local enforcement is a patchwork of policies marked by limited cross-jurisdictional coordination ...

Research Areas: People & Society

sensorbots communicate via optical blinking patterns

Sensorbots monitor the deep ocean

Sensor orbs relay vital data over great distances using high-bandwidth network...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Engineering

a researcher listens as a man from san pedro sochiapam uses whistled speech

Whistling down the wind

Before cell phones Oaxaca natives used whistled speech to communicate...

Research Areas: People & Society

multi-enzyme complexes on a dna scaffold exhibit greater activity than enzymes free in solution

Nanoscaffolds speed up metabolic processes

Structural model aids study of multi-enzyme systems...

Research Areas: Engineering

images of nanolasers on silicon

Nanolasers on Silicon

Advance promises a bright future for devices that integrate electronics and photonics...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

aerial view of forest with trees blighted by sudden oak death

Tree Death Affects Water Cycle

Forest die off alters the flow of streams in wet and dry environments...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

undergraduates listen to energy secretary steven chu

Students Compete in Solar Decathlon

Competition focuses on building attractive, affordable solar-powered homes ...

Research Areas: Education, Engineering

interview team prepares materials for the study

Developing Future Science Policy Leaders

Best practices available for how to train and mentor STEM leaders ...

Research Areas: People & Society

map shows movement of convicted sex offenders in cincinnati ohio

Examining Sex Offender Residency Issues

Evaluation methods help track movement from one locale to another...

Research Areas: People & Society

the regulatory environment faces a challenge when keeping up with emerging technologies

Adaptive Oversight for Emerging Technologies

New tools create a flexible regulatory environment to keep pace with new technologies...

Research Areas: People & Society

screenshot from a video game that speeds language learning

Video Game Speeds Language Training

Unique approach to complex sound systems reduces learning time...

Research Areas: People & Society

simulations provide insights into crowd behavior

Monitoring Movement through Time and Space

Simulations give insights into crowd behavior during ordinary and emergency situations...

Research Areas: People & Society

a hawkmoth visits an evening primrose flower

Honest Communication Starts With Humidity

Flowers communicate with pollinators via humidity gradients signaling nectar abundance...

Research Areas: Biology

researchers measure leaf spectral properties with handheld device

Tracking Carbon Dioxide in the Amazon

Researchers model how tropical forests will fair in the future...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a samburu woman crosses a danger zone carrying a heavy load

The Impact of Violence

Violence, more than poverty, poses the greatest threat to well-being...

Research Areas: People & Society

researcher traps mosquito

Controlling Mosquitos: It's Not Just About the Bug

Public health strategies should account for insects' complex habitat ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Biology

screenshot for organic chemistry app

An App for Organic Chemistry

Flashcard-based approach App tool and website make learning organic chemistry easy ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Computing

rough harvester ants at nest entrance, pebbly ground

Studying Factors that Determine an Ant's Destiny (Worker or Queen)

Basic research could lead to improved agricultural practices and disease treatment approaches...

Research Areas: Biology

WASEO students

Technology Interventions Improve Regional STEM Retention Rates

Engaging activities help undergrads stick with STEM programs. ...

Research Areas: Education

river in the Grand Canyon

How River Food Chains Fare During Drought and Flood

Changes in river volume can alter the amount of energy transferred through the food chain....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

simulated colorful DNA double helix, pink nanobottles on checkered surface

Building Nanobottles with DNA

Arizona State University researchers show they can use DNA to build nanostructures with high curvature...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials, Biology

computer created crowd scene

Crowd Control Based on Individuals

New computer models can predict panic and identify causes of riots in large crowds....

Research Areas: People & Society

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