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NSF Award Highlights

an adaptive optics system captured these supersonic gas bullets in space

Adaptive optics detail the turmoil of a stellar nursery

Technique offers unprecedented clarity and sky coverage ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

the bureau of economic analysis now treats research and development as an investment

U.S. R&D activities as economic investments

Gross domestic product calculations now include R&D...

Research Areas: People & Society

interactions between plant proteins provide a rich resource for new discoveries

Protein 'handshakes' vital to plant survival

Researchers create interactome showing how plant proteins communicate...

Research Areas: Biology

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NSF Local Research Assets

Images from NSF-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers.

Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing

The Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing focuses research on reconfigurable, adaptive computing for a broad range of missions, from satellites to supercomputers. ...

Type: Program Centers

Photo of Paradise Bay

Antarctic Logistical Support

An array of aircraft are used to ferry personnel and cargo to and from field camps, research sites, and research stations in Antarctica....

Type: Facilities & Networks

Photo of JOIDES ship at night

JOIDES Resolution

The JOIDES Resolution is a seagoing research vessel that drills core samples and collects measurements from under the ocean floor, giving scientists a glimpse into Earths development....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels

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