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Center for Nanoscale Systems in Information Technologies

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Center for Nanoscale Systems in Information Technologies  (Cornell University)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The Center for Nanoscale Systems in Information Technologies (CNS) at Cornell University is a Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC) sponsored by the National Science Foundation. NSECs address complex, interdisciplinary challenges in nanoscale science and engineering, and integrate research with education internally and through a variety of partnership activities.

The CNS research mission is to substantially increase the impact of nanotechnology by advancing the understanding and control of the electronic, photonic and magnetic properties of materials at the nanoscale, and by exploiting these material systems and associated nanoscale phenomena in the development and demonstration of high-performance devices and systems. The Center’s primary research objective is the innovation and development of effective nanoscale systems that have the potential of being revolutionary solutions for the ever-more demanding requirements of future computational, sensing, information storage and communication systems.

Education & Outreach

In parallel with pursuing its research agenda, CNS seeks to attract, educate, and mentor substantial numbers of a diverse population of students, at all levels, in both introductory and advanced topics in nanoscale science and engineering, including ethical and societal issues, and career development. CNS also operates a very significant education outreach program for high school physical science teachers.

Designed specifically for high school physics teachers, the CNS Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT) is a unique opportunity for professional development. CIPT’s offerings include spring and fall workshops, dozens of hands-on, inquiry-based labs for the classroom, summer courses, and an equipment lending library. More than 1200 teachers from across the United States have attended CIPT's programs.

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