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Vermont: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

14 Award Highlights found :: Vermont

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elise huntley won the vermont state science and math fair with a project on stream health

Testing the strength of Vermont streams

Study shows floods do not adversely impact stream health...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

satellite view of hurricane sandy

Mitigating coastal storm destruction

Land-use policy reevaluation needed in wake of strong hurricanes ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

researcher cores a larch tree near the arctic circle

Climate Affects Arctic Tree Growth

Northermost trees experiencing slow growth due to warming in recent decades...

Research Areas: Polar, Earth & Environment

tornado in Texas

The Debris Inside a Tornado

Radar observations and visible imagery confirm inner-core contents....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

photo of bees at hive

The Mathematics of Altruism

Vermont biologist shows that two views of altruism, kin selection and group selection, equate mathematically...

Research Areas: Mathematics, People & Society, Biology

forsythia blooming

Changing When the Seasons Occur

Winter's growing shorter and summer's growing longer....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

blue people on grid

Using Social Media to Study Society

Researchers are exploring use of social media to create, share and spread knowledge....

Research Areas: People & Society

Students research organic aerosols.

Scientists Can Now Rapidly Analyze Chemical Composition of Organic Aerosols

Insights gained could inform policy for managing air pollution. ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

Image of an algebra problem

Improving Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities

UD Algebra aims to improve outcomes for math students with learning disabilities (LD) by developing online learning resources that strengthen their understanding of key algebra topics....

Research Areas: Education, Mathematics

Abstract image of plastic film

Low-Cost Manufacturing of Semiconductor Films

Randall Headrick of the University of Vermont and his team have developed a novel method of printing organic semiconductor films with a process similar to how a pen writes on paper....

Research Areas: Engineering

Image of a robotic arm

Robot Learns How to Decide to Move

Work supported by NSF's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) has enabled a breakthrough in robotics at the University of Vermont. Scientists command a robot to "learn" how to move. ...

Research Areas: Engineering

Image of a microscope

Undergraduate Student Designs Atomic Force Microscope

Kirsten Bonson, an undergraduate student at the University of Vermont, has designed an atomic force microscope. ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Physics

Photo of a pitcher plant

Carnivorous Plant Study Educates Students and Community

The unique microsystems found in carnivorous pitcher plants engage the public...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

Illustrations of the electrical structure of power networks

New Approach to Characterizing Power Grids

Paul Hines of the University of Vermont and Seth Blumsack of Pennsylvania State University are studying the structure of electrical power networks....

Research Areas: Engineering

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