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Illinois: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

121 Award Highlights found :: Illinois

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an illustration of a kidney during a live donor transplant

Reducing the wait for kidney transplants

Computer model could improve geographic distribution of transplants ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Computing

improving cognitive skills early in children's lives can have long-lasting benefits

Improving skills development in childhood

A learning model shows the benefits of parental and educational interventions as children mature ...

Research Areas: People & Society

science and engineering doctoral statistics now track international components

International mobility among U.S. doctorate recipients

Among foreign graduates who do not return home, nearly 90 percent remain in the U.S. ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

foreign institutions play a large role in the baccalaureate education of u.s.-trained science and engineering doctoral recipients

The origins of science and engineering doctorates

Private colleges play important role in science and engineering doctoral path ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

an application tracks flu outbreaks on a mobile device

Next-generation geospatial discovery

CyberGIS empowers data-intensive geospatial discovery and innovation...

Research Areas: People & Society

the crystal structure of the entire bacterial rna repair system

Repairing and reinforcing RNA

Ricin research leads to RNA repair system in bacteria...

Research Areas: Biology

the blue waters petascale supercomputer

Putting Blue Waters to work

Supercomputer strengthens U.S. research infrastructure...

Research Areas: Computing

early music training may enhance memory and attention

Enhancing memory and attention with early music training

A few years of training may improve cognitive function...

Research Areas: People & Society

molecular gas distribution in the andromeda galaxy

Complex star formation in the Andromeda galaxy

Data from the Hubble telescope and Earth-based CARMA explain how stars develop...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

a platinum-iridium tip before (left) and after (right) sharpening

Sharper tips for microscopy

Metal probes benefit from sputter sharpening...

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials

the cartwheel galaxy

Social networks benefit citizen scientist participation

Research suggests some networks are more effective than others ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Education

arman bilge with a poster that explains his computer project

A boy and the BEAST

High-school student maps movement of AIDS virus with molecular sequencing software...

Research Areas: Computing, Education

overview of the img-act program

Online bioinformatics resource for educators

Network trains teachers to analyze genomes of bacteria and other single-celled organisms...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

pie chart shows rate of cancel orders for stocks

Computing the effects of Wall Street's flash crash

NSF-supported supercomputers speed analysis of trading activity...

Research Areas: Computing

a handwritten census form

Retrieving digitized data from the U.S. Census

Framework provides searchable access to digitized documents...

Research Areas: Computing

a simulation of some of the first galaxies to form in the universe

Pop star pressures

Scientists show how radiation pressure regulates star formation...

Research Areas: Computing, Astronomy & Space

limpets found on the submersible alvin

Deep-sea stowaway survival

Unexpected finding suggests deep-sea life can survive extreme pressure changes ...

Research Areas: Biology

illustration of the veritas observatory detecting crab pulsar emission

Detecting Ultrahigh Energy Pulsars

VERITAS observations improve pulsar emission models...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Physics

a male papaya flower

Sex Chromosome Evolution

Papaya sex chromosomes reveal dynamic changes in their evolutionary history...

Research Areas: Biology

laser-illuminated gold bowtie nanoantenna arrays

Concentrating Light With Nanoantennas

Nanoscale optical antennas may improve solar detectors and lab-on-a-chip technology...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

a pulley controls the touch-sensitive catheter

Safer, Faster Heart Surgery

Smart catheter gives surgeons real-time feedback during procedures...

Research Areas: Engineering

overview of the butanol production process

Upping Butanol Production in Bacteria

Model simulates metabolism of butanol-producing bacteria...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Engineering

mars pictured alongside earth

The Quick Forming Planet Mars

The red planet's rapid formation explains its small size relative to Earth ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

collage shows midshipman fish, nest sites and eggs

Fish Soundings

Researchers identify how fish pinpoint sound sources underwater ...

Research Areas: Biology

a millimeter-wave map measures the mass of a distant galaxy cluster while a companion image shows the galaxy cluster itself

The Galaxy Cluster Frontier

CARMA measures the mass of the most distant galaxy clusters ever found...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

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