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Since its establishment in 1950, NSF has supported student education -- from the early introduction to mathematics and science, through the college and postgraduate experiences. NSF also trains elementary, secondary and college teachers, and develops opportunities for future research scientists. NSF-supported scientists, engineers and educators provide the ideas and knowledge base for U.S. leadership in science and engineering.

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a high-school teacher and his students ready a weather station in idaho

Climate science in the classroom

Researchers share findings with high-school students and teachers ...

Research Areas: Education

students assemble sensors

Testing athletic sensor systems

High-school interns track impact of equipment on athletes ...

Research Areas: Education, Engineering

a screenshot from the teachdata website

Data-intensive climate lessons for the classroom

Website supplies teachers with scientific data and research results ...

Research Areas: Education

the idea fan deck app product team

iPhone app spins in

Entrepreneurs transform problem-solving tool into an app with a little help from student strategists ...

Research Areas: Education, Computing

a designer sculpts a waterway in the sand using an augmented-reality sandbox

No ordinary sandbox

Augmented-reality sandbox generates interest in geography and geology...

Research Areas: Education, Computing

technicians work on a spacetec apparatus

Jobs await graduates of two-year aerospace technician programs

Aerospace courses and SpaceTEC certification align with industry needs...

Research Areas: Education

a student and researcher work together to produce raw materials for tactile paper

Tactile displays increase STEM access for the blind and visually impaired

Device designed by a team of students converts both graphics and text into Braille...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

filming an ibiology talk in a green screen studio at the university of california, san francisco

iBiology goes behind the science of living things

Free, online collection of videos provides insights from leading scientific researchers...

Research Areas: Education, Biology

experimental data and a skate park bowl highlight this postcard from sk8lab houston

Science through skateboards

Sk8lab Houston delivers lessons in experimentation and data collection...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

a student intern at lm wind power blades

Gaining industry experience while still in college

STTAR program helps math, engineering and science majors obtain practical experience...

Research Areas: Education

the tiny tech radio program describes advances in nanoscience

'Tiny Tech' on the radio and the web

Radio program on nanotechnology gives insight to the public...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Education

students race their submarines during a 'gear up' summer camp

Teaching science and engineering concepts with submarines

Course culminates with submersible vehicle design challenge ...

Research Areas: Education

native american high-school students attend an accelerated math program

Increasing math competency for Native Americans

Accelerated math program eases transition between high school and college ...

Research Areas: Education

a high-school intern hunts for nematode viruses at ladybird johnson wildflower center

High-school students hunt for viruses

Underrepresented students learn about higher education while searching for nematode viruses...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

a researcher explains his work to minnesota state fair attendees

Bringing plastics to the people

Outreach at the Minnesota State Fair by NSF-funded chemists describes polymer research...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Education

science and engineering doctoral statistics now track international components

International mobility among U.S. doctorate recipients

Among foreign graduates who do not return home, nearly 90 percent remain in the U.S. ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

foreign institutions play a large role in the baccalaureate education of u.s.-trained science and engineering doctoral recipients

The origins of science and engineering doctorates

Private colleges play important role in science and engineering doctoral path ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

kindergartner builds her first circuit with the power box kit

Education kits make STEM fun

Arkansas teachers and researchers create renewable energy and biotech learning tools...

Research Areas: Education

a simple, space-saving greenhouse built from recycled materials

Greenhouses for food and learning

Students compete in solar greenhouse design competition ...

Research Areas: Education

the delaware epscor program helps students achieve their educational goals

The impact of an EPSCoR-backed education

Delaware student sticks with STEM because of available support...

Research Areas: Education

high school students from rhode island run water quality experiments

Rhode Island academy outreach promotes STEM careers

Program highlights the benefits of higher education and hands-on research...

Research Areas: Education

researcher on mount everest communicates with montana classrooms via satellite

Students 'climb' Mount Everest

Satellite science promotes K-12 STEM learning...

Research Areas: Education

young students take stream samples during an outdoor learning session sponsored by the natural history museum of utah

Natural history museum takes learning outdoors

Learning partnership creates K-12 activities focused on water sustainability...

Research Areas: Education

students participate in a soymap workshop

Cultivating future plant genomics researchers

SoyMap workshop provides hands-on instruction for undergraduates ...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

keeping a science diary improves student motivation and learning

Science diaries improve student motivation in science

Self-assessments increase interest as well mastery of science concepts...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

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