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Engineers bridge the gap between what the mind can imagine and what the laws of nature allow. They work at the outermost frontiers of electronics, manufacturing, bioengineering, structural design and more.

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recyled water bottles are transformed into lightweight panels for multiple applications

Construction and printing materials fabricated from plastic component in used water bottles

Rapid fabricator transforms plastic into commercially viable panels ...

Research Areas: Engineering

the schematic shows how a dynamic material can catch and release cancer cells

Detecting cancer with programmable materials

Nucleic acid technologies separate diseased cells from normal cells ...

Research Areas: Engineering

learning how microbes synthesize tetracycline may allow researchers to discover new antibiotics

Overcoming antibiotic resistance

Taking a cue from nature, researchers manipulate enzymes to create new antibiotics ...

Research Areas: Engineering

two robots work together to reconfigure two structures

Adaptable robots learn to work together

Alternative programming language eliminates the need for human intervention ...

Research Areas: Engineering

tegwear converts body heat into electrical energy, enough to power small, wearable devices

Wearable technology converts body heat into usable energy

Power source can extend battery life or eliminate the need for batteries ...

Research Areas: Engineering

optical imaging reveals bioluminescent signals in a specimen

Optical imaging advances nanomaterials and nanotherapeutics

3-D quantitative imaging will provide data on the safety of novel nanomaterials ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

students assemble sensors

Testing athletic sensor systems

High-school interns track impact of equipment on athletes ...

Research Areas: Education, Engineering

an illustration of a kidney during a live donor transplant

Reducing the wait for kidney transplants

Computer model could improve geographic distribution of transplants ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Computing

soft polymers with hollow centers coated with a stiffer polymer can change shape on demand

Morphing surfaces optimize aerodynamics

Surfaces change texture from smooth to dimpled and back again ...

Research Areas: Engineering

a micro-hall device enables researchers to see magnetic patterns in an electric current

Seeing electric current up close

Sensor allows viewers to see magnetic patterns of an electric current at nanoscale dimensions...

Research Areas: Engineering

sulfur-containing compounds act as binding agents for heavy metals and can help protect the environment

Chemosensors for environmental pollutants

Selective sensors seek out heavy metals...

Research Areas: Engineering

an exoskeleton system enables a paraplegic patient to stand unassisted

Mobile exoskeleton eases physical therapy

Support system for those with limited mobility offers alternative to traditional rehabilitation aids...

Research Areas: Engineering

sensors within the hospital's foundation capture aftershock responses

Monitoring a building's response to earthquake aftershocks

Earthquake-resistant hospital provides guidance to architects and engineers...

Research Areas: Engineering

a large-grain thin film improves solar panel efficiency

Budget-friendly solar panels possible with nontoxic compound

Alternative thin film could replace expensive, rare materials ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

diagram shows wireless health care infrastructure

Disposable sensors for wireless health care

Mobile monitoring patches powered by micro-batteries and advanced radio technologies ...

Research Areas: Engineering

computer tomography and magnetic resonance images created this four-chamber model of the human heart

Modeling a living human heart

Simulation could improve design of implant technologies and other therapies...

Research Areas: Engineering

microchined samples cut with waterjets

Precision machining with waterjets

Technology advances broaden manufacturing capabilities...

Research Areas: Engineering

acid mine drainage seeps into water in cambria, pennsylvania

Recycled crab shells treat acid mine drainage

Chitin combined with calcium carbonate scrubs metal-laden water...

Research Areas: Engineering

a student and researcher work together to produce raw materials for tactile paper

Tactile displays increase STEM access for the blind and visually impaired

Device designed by a team of students converts both graphics and text into Braille...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

wireless sensors convert muscle activity into movements in popular computer games

Retraining the brain after injury with neurogame therapy

Approach improves hand function for children and adults...

Research Areas: Engineering

illuminated by a beam of blue light, a neuron fires an electrical spike

Mapping brain function with light

Optogenetic tools enable precise control of neuronal activity...

Research Areas: Engineering

cardiac patch secured to the surface of a mammal heart

Restoring a broken heart

Engineered cardiac patch encourages blood vessel growth in damaged areas...

Research Areas: Engineering

the silk eye bandage resembles a traditional contact lens

The healing power of silk

Transparent bandages for acute eye injury benefit from this protein fiber...

Research Areas: Engineering

anatomy of the larynx

Coaxing a voice out of paralysis

Electromagnetic stimulation system aids therapy for paralyzed vocal muscles...

Research Areas: Engineering

schematic of a genome-depleted plant virus encapsulating a near-infrared probe

Plant virus helps visualize ovarian cancer

Imaging agent used during surgery could improve patient outcomes...

Research Areas: Engineering

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