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NSF Award Highlights

blue light helps 8-oxoG repair photochemical damage, mimicking flavin a vitamin critical to dna repair

Vitamin B2 may link DNA repair to the emergence of life

A product of DNA repair may point to an evolutionary precursor of the essential vitamin B2...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

young students take stream samples during an outdoor learning session sponsored by the natural history museum of utah

Natural history museum takes learning outdoors

Learning partnership creates K-12 activities focused on water sustainability...

Research Areas: Education

the grain weevil maintains a symbiotic relationship with bacteria

The origins of insect bacteria

Life inside an insect makes some microbes switch to a mutualistic relationship with their host...

Research Areas: Biology

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NSF Local Research Assets

photo montage including rocket take-off, jet aircraft, ship and sedan automobile.

Center for e-Design

The Center for e-Design helps companies develop design solutions in the interests of efficiency and product quality...

Type: Program Centers

Images from NSF-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers.

Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing

The Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing focuses research on reconfigurable, adaptive computing for a broad range of missions, from satellites to supercomputers. ...

Type: Program Centers

Image from the NSF-funded Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation.

Permanently Instrumented Field Sites

These permanently instrumented geotechnical test sites managed by enable researchers to better understand the effects of surface geology on strong ground motion....

Type: Facilities & Networks

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