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Virginia: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

51 Award Highlights found :: Virginia

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anatomy of the larynx

Coaxing a voice out of paralysis

Electromagnetic stimulation system aids therapy for paralyzed vocal muscles...

Research Areas: Engineering

robotic fish research inspired an interactive exhibit at the harvard museum of natural history

Robotic fish inspires museum exhibit and technology advances

Research could lead to improved underwater vehicle design and prosthetics...

Research Areas: Engineering

graduate student collects seawater samples onboard a research vessel

Looking for nitrogen in the ocean

Assay measures cyanate in estuarine and coastal waters...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

three-hour observation of the entire sky over new mexico using the long-wavelength array radio telescope's station number one

Tracking meteor trails

Long radio wavelengths profile meteors at low frequencies ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

kindergarten boundaries showing percentage of families headed by a single female

Boundary data for U.S. schools available for research studies

Database offers opportunity to investigate demographic shifts in schools and neighborhoods ...

Research Areas: People & Society

heatmaps show the difference in brain activity between being alone and holding hands

Reach out and touch someone

Brain images reveal social interaction reduces anxiety ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Mathematics

an image of pluto and its five moons taken by the hubble space telescope

Redefining scientific discovery

Pluto's demise leads to three kingdom classification scheme...

Research Areas: People & Society, Astronomy & Space

x-rays demonstrate polymer alignment

Stretching Membranes Improves Their Efficiency for Energy and Purification Devices

Finding could help advance sustainability of water filtration, desalination and other devices ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a student intern uses hands-on activities to explain his research to the public at the smithsonian

Summer Interns at the Smithsonian

Undergraduates share summer learning experiences with museum visitors...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

a graduate student studies fish propulsion in the lab

Mimicking Fish Movement

Researchers re-create fish hair cell sensors and muscles...

Research Areas: Engineering

images of normal and damaged knee ligament from a rat

Predicting and Treating Sprained Knees

Research could have a significant impact on bioengineered replacement materials...

Research Areas: Engineering

manual testing of blood samples

Creating Safer Blood Products

Researchers develop blood screening strategies for infectious agents ...

Research Areas: Engineering

a colonial sea squirt surrounded by a few solitary sea squirts

Pool of Tunicate Experts Expands

Short course focuses on the sea squirt, a marine organism that supplies critical biocompounds ...

Research Areas: Education, Biology

a child completes assessments of cognitive function after watching a cartoon or drawing

Cartoon Watching Reduces Attention Span

Findings suggest limiting viewing time may enhance learning...

Research Areas: People & Society

Four-panel illustration depicting varying degrees of nanoscale roughness

Learning More About Water Resistance

Finding could lead to better waterproof textiles, non-stick surfaces, paints, adhesives and other coatings...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

woman working with two children

Helping America's Youth Succeed

Investments in technology for education and training improve student outcomes....

Research Areas: Education, People & Society


The Ins and Outs of the Legal System

Researchers comb through evidence to identify trends in how decisions are made....

Research Areas: People & Society

blue people on grid

Using Social Media to Study Society

Researchers are exploring use of social media to create, share and spread knowledge....

Research Areas: People & Society

stem cells

Synthesizing Safe Stem Cells

New material grows stable, non-tumor-forming stem cells....

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials

Photo of zooplankton, Daphnia pulex

Research Finds that Zooplankton Eat off the Land

Even open-water animals rely on supplements from the shore ...

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

Close-up photo of water being poured from pitcher into glass

Using Nanomaterials to Detect Pathogens in Water Supplies

Researchers combine gold or silver nanoparticles with surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience, Biology


Toward More Reliable Weather Forecasts

Forecasting may improve because new models include the most recent data. ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

mammal jaw

Meat-eating Mammal Shrank During Prehistoric Global Warming

As temperatures rose, one carnivore diminished in size to survive....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

particle chamber

Sensing Surface Activity from Deep Within the Earth

Radioactivity is a key contributor to the power contained within the Earth's interior....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Physics

scenic image, part of Investi-gator photo contest

Scientists Launch Journal for Upper Elementary School Students

The Investi-gator offers accessible science writing to younger audience ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Education, Biology

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