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NSF Award Highlights

an ice core from the side of the main hole

Prehistoric ice cores help predict future climate

Climate time capsule shows previously hidden interactions between greenhouse gases and climate...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

the city of las vegas at night

The urban heat (and cool) island in Las Vegas

Temperatures are rising at night and falling during the day around the Strip...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

badwater basin, death valley national park where magnetic bacteria was found

Fabricating Magnetic Bacteria

Badwater Basin bacteria grown in the lab could lead to novel biotech and nanotech uses...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

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NSF Local Research Assets

Image from the NSF-funded Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation.

Large Scale Structures Laboratory

The Large Scale Structures Laboratory features a biaxial, multiple shake table facility (with three identical biaxial shake tables) capable of earthquake testing conventional structural and non-structural systems by using the tables separately or as a single unit....

Type: Facilities & Networks

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