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Louisiana: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

21 Award Highlights found :: Louisiana

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nanoscale containers form when bowl-shaped molecules assemble around guest molecules depending on their size and number

Replacing organic solvents with water

Nanoscale molecular containers just need water to form...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

depiction of the space-time curvature near a black hole

Toward a more realistic view inside black holes

Loop quantum gravity theory helps explain inner workings of these celestial powerhouses...

Research Areas: Physics

the central region of this supernova remnant is star-free

Clues to the Origins of Supernovae

Lack of companion star suggests alternative theory of supernovae formation...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

team that developed and tested marine robots

Marine Robots Track Pollutants

More precise control of robots improves oil spill studies...

Research Areas: Engineering

the kraken supercomputer

Big Computer Power

Many computers working together ease processing needs ...

Research Areas: Computing

a business in the french quarter one month after katrina

Business Recovery After a Natural Disaster

Mom and pop shops first to reopen after Hurricane Katrina...

Research Areas: People & Society

diagram shows traditional knowledge management vs. internal knowledge markets

Keeping Big Firms on the Innovation Track

NSF researchers devise method to help companies harness wide-ranging, in-house expertise...

Research Areas: People & Society

drilling a tube well in the bengal basin

Why Is Arsenic in the Bengal Basin?

More clues discovered regarding unsafe levels of arsenic in groundwater...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

abstract image of gravity

Rethinking Quantum Mechanics

Is a classical observer necessary to make sense of quantum mechanics?...

Research Areas: Physics, Mathematics

fallen tree and stop sign

Preparing for the Aftermath of Crises

Research shows that beliefs about a crisis guide citizen response....

Research Areas: People & Society


Designing Mini-mixers for Microdevices

Software ensures optimal mixing of chemicals in microscopic laboratories....

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials, Biology

sea sponge

Unique Amino Acids May Play Role in New Anti-Fungal Drugs

Researchers synthesize amino acids for possible use in medicine....

Research Areas: Biology, Chemistry & Materials

black hole simulation

Simulating the Unseen

An award-winning, interactive computer simulation of black hole collisions ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Computing

Image of business students

Students Engage in Innovative Ventures for Emerging Technologies

New course spurs innovation and commercialization in rural northern Louisiana....

Research Areas: Education

Image of rain drops

Reducing Threats to Coastal Environment

Novel methods for more accurate prediction of the path and intensity of hurricanes and understanding the limits of protective levies are being investigated by a multidisciplinary team of computer science, hurricane, and oceanic modeling researchers from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, together with civil engineering researchers from the University of Notre Dame....

Research Areas: Computing, Earth & Environment

Image of swamplands

Interdisciplinary Study toward Management of a Crucial Resource

From watershed hydrology to saltwater intrusion monitoring and modeling to numerical modeling of the hydrodynamics in the lower Mississippi River - the issues of water intensive ecosystem and environmental management, monitoring and understanding are critical for our country....

Research Areas: Education, Biology, Earth & Environment

Photo of Mars

Scientists Attempt to Answer Mars Water Question

Bin Chen and his colleagues at Louisiana State University are attempting to discover water molecules on Mars....

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

Photo of a falcon perched on a branch

Exploring the Evolutionary History of Birds

The"Early Bird" project is creating a phylogenetic tree based on the DNA sequences of various bird species....

Research Areas: Biology

Illustration of network connecting computers

High-Speed Computer Network Connects Researchers

LONI is a high-speed fiber optic network and high-performance grid computing environment that connects Louisiana's major research universities and health science centers. The system enables cutting-edge research and stimulates economic development....

Research Areas: Computing

Photo of two girls whispering to each other

People Prefer the Simplest Possible Function for Transmitting Complex Information

Thomas Griffiths of the University of California, Berkeley, and Michael Kalish of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, have explored how knowledge changes when passed from person to person and what these changes tell us about how people learn....

Research Areas: People & Society

Photo of houses in New Orleans

Uneven Patterns Characterize Return of Businesses in Post-Catastrophe New Orleans

A large number of New Orleans businesses were damaged by flooding and related disruptions caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Researchers have found that the post-catastrophe return of businesses has been slow and uneven....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, People & Society

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