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Indiana: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

60 Award Highlights found :: Indiana

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researchers determined an essential structure of a molecular machine that regulates dna

Exposing the architecture of a molecular machine

Researchers decode an essential part of the 'Mediator' which regulates gene expression...

Research Areas: Biology

researchers are increasing efficiency of biofuel production

Refining biofuel conversion processes

More efficient approach may help biofuels compete with fossil fuels...

Research Areas: Engineering

horned (left) and hornless male beetle morphs

Beetle horns and gender differences

Rapid evolutionary changes in a master gene control diversity among male and female beetles...

Research Areas: Biology

graphic depicts rising economic needs

Gauging public response to government intervention

Public reaction to latest recession departed from expectations...

Research Areas: People & Society

model shows maximum water envelope for a hypothetical category 1 storm headed toward miami

Leasing space in the clouds

Software tools run complex simulations in cloud computing environment...

Research Areas: Computing

nanohub tools image quantum dots and atomistic devices

Modeling Nanoelectronic Devices

Researchers share computationally intensive research on nanoHUB...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

many classrooms use nanohub tools

Wide Reach for Internet-based Nanotools

Teachers use nanoHUB research tools for classroom activities and homework...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience, Education

researcher visits a shariah court in malaysia

Improving Women's Rights

Empowering autonomous feminist movements is critical to promoting women's rights...

Research Areas: People & Society

synthesis process for graphene composite

Graphene Flakes Take the Heat

Graphene composites provide cooling performance superior to other materials...

Research Areas: Engineering

thermal contact resistance measurement apparatus

Detecting Fatigue in Thermal Materials

Model shows how defects develop in materials that cool electronics...

Research Areas: Engineering

nanohub moves simulation tools into the classroom faster than textbook updates

Innovation Zips into Classrooms via nanoHUB

Network accelerates adoption of research tools into curricula...

Research Areas: Education, Engineering, Nanoscience

diagram shows 3d view of the pin-fin heat sink problem

Helping Electronics Beat the Heat

Tool optimizes cooling device designs...

Research Areas: Engineering

map shows movement of convicted sex offenders in cincinnati ohio

Examining Sex Offender Residency Issues

Evaluation methods help track movement from one locale to another...

Research Areas: People & Society

an egyptian funerary figurine of a scribe and priest named ti

Multicultural Beginnings for One Set of Egyptian Rulers

Nubian tombs reveal existence of a biologically and culturally blended community in ancient Egypt ...

Research Areas: People & Society

quantum theory, used to describe patterns of the atomic world, explains puzzling findings on human decision and cognition

Quantum Theory for the Mind

New approach may improve decision making...

Research Areas: People & Society

a man views a photo to determine if the person in the image has a gun

Actions Influence Perception of Others

Decision making and risk assessment depend on many factors...

Research Areas: People & Society

six piece of furniture including one nearly hidden

Robot Vision Goes 3-D

Computer model helps robots see the world as humans do...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

montage shows floral symmetry in sunflowers and the similarity of double-flowered mutants to van Gogh's sunflowers

The Genetics of van Gogh's Sunflower Revealed

Researchers identify gene that leads to double-flowered mutation ...

Research Areas: Biology

cows, hagfish and elephant seals use hydrogen sulfide as an oxygen sensor

Oxygen Sensing the Cellular Way

Cells use smelly gas to monitor oxygen availability...

Research Areas: Biology

participants in the PASI on electronic properties of complex systems

Collaborative Connections in Molecular Electronics and Nanoscience

Researchers discuss hot topics in laser applications...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Engineering, Physics

the mediator head regulates gene activity

Controlling Genes With a Molecular Machine

Researchers decipher protein complex that switches genes on and off...

Research Areas: Biology

some mutant cyanobacteria can only produce a light-harvesting pigment

Light-Harvesting Antennae Direct Photosynthesis in Bacteria

Control system drives oxygen production in important microorganism...

Research Areas: Biology

edge of Antarctic glacier

Ancient Global Cooling Linked to Decreases in Carbon Dioxide

The real role of carbon dioxide in glacier formation and climate change...

Research Areas: Polar, Earth & Environment

mosaic image scanned by proton-induced x-ray emission

Solving Art World Mysteries With Nuclear Physics

Techniques used to study atoms reveal what's below a painting's surface...

Research Areas: Physics, Chemistry & Materials

glowing molecular smiley face

Tiny Glow Sticks for Cancer Detection

Self-illuminating molecules may improve biomedical imaging...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Biology

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