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Research Spending & Results

Award Detail

Doing Business As Name:Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Elaine Shi
  • (412) 268-2565
Award Date:05/11/2021
Estimated Total Award Amount: $ 1,935,783
Funds Obligated to Date: $ 25,592
  • FY 2017=$25,592
Start Date:03/15/2021
End Date:06/30/2021
Transaction Type:Grant
Awarding Agency Code:4900
Funding Agency Code:4900
CFDA Number:47.070
Primary Program Source:040100 NSF RESEARCH & RELATED ACTIVIT
Award Title or Description:TWC: Large: Collaborative: The Science and Applications of Crypto-Currency
Federal Award ID Number:2131903
DUNS ID:052184116
Parent DUNS ID:052184116
Program:Secure &Trustworthy Cyberspace
Program Officer:
  • Nina Amla
  • (703) 292-7991

Awardee Location

Street:5000 Forbes Avenue
Awardee Cong. District:18

Primary Place of Performance

Organization Name:Carnegie Mellon University
Street:5000 Forbes Avenue
Cong. District:18

Abstract at Time of Award

Crypto-currencies and smart contracts are a new wave of disruptive technology that will shape the future of money and financial transactions. Today, crypto-currencies are a billion-dollar market, and hundreds of companies are entering this space, promising exciting new markets and eco-systems. Unfortunately, usage of crypto-currencies outstrips our understanding. Currently most crypto currencies rely on heuristic designs without a solid appreciation of the necessary security properties, or any formal basis upon which strong assurance of such properties might be achieved. This work aims to establish a rigorous scientific foundation for crypto-currencies. To achieve this, this work blends cryptography, game theory, programming languages, and systems security techniques. Expected outcomes include new crypto-currency designs with provable security properties, financially enforceable cryptographic protocols whose security properties are backed by enforceable payments in case of a breach, smart contract systems that are easy to program and formally verifiable, as well as high-assurance systems for storing and handling high-value crypto-currencies and transactions. The project will provide solutions to some of the most difficult and important technical questions surrounding the current digital-money revolution. The investigators will organize a crypto-currency speaker series that will bring together technologists, economists, social scientists, and policy-makers to foster collaborations that will shape the future of digital currencies.

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