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Massachusetts: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

197 Award Highlights found :: Massachusetts

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two robots work together to reconfigure two structures

Adaptable robots learn to work together

Alternative programming language eliminates the need for human intervention ...

Research Areas: Engineering

artist's illustration of the prochloroccocus bacteria in a drop of seawater

What diversity lies in a millimeter of ocean water?

One species' multiple subpopulations are a model for understanding marine phytoplankton ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

soft polymers with hollow centers coated with a stiffer polymer can change shape on demand

Morphing surfaces optimize aerodynamics

Surfaces change texture from smooth to dimpled and back again ...

Research Areas: Engineering

illuminated by a beam of blue light, a neuron fires an electrical spike

Mapping brain function with light

Optogenetic tools enable precise control of neuronal activity...

Research Areas: Engineering

cardiac patch secured to the surface of a mammal heart

Restoring a broken heart

Engineered cardiac patch encourages blood vessel growth in damaged areas...

Research Areas: Engineering

mid-ocean ridges circle the globe like seams on a baseball

A deeper look into ocean ridge activity

Ridge height and volcanic activity driven by temperature differences...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

little brown bats with white-nose syndrome

Helping bats survive white-nose syndrome

Social behavior during hibernation may determine whether bats survive fungal disease...

Research Areas: Biology

an artist's rendering shows a black hole at the center of a whirling disk of heated gas

Measuring the spin of a black hole

The Event Horizon Telescope helps astronomers obtain data to study the physics of black holes ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

calcifying corals growing in low pH conditions are more sensitive to erosion

Discovering how coral reefs respond to acid oceans

Corals in naturally acidified reefs experience slow growth and decreased density...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

brain images show correlation between visual and auditory sensory regions

Auditory processing network critical to remembering the timing of visual stimuli

Cognitive processing dynamically recruits various brain areas to succeed at a task...

Research Areas: People & Society

a comparison of future costs of seven carbon capture and storage technologies

The role of uncertainty in technology selection

Simulations help with investment decisions when future improvements are uncertain...

Research Areas: People & Society

map shows inventor migration in the u.s. from 1975 to 2010

Emigration, innovation and public policy

The impact of state laws on innovation and regional success ...

Research Areas: People & Society

idealized Earth models provide realistic comparisons to actual ocean-atmosphere interactions

Small changes may mean big climate shifts

Multiple climate equilibrium states are possible on Earth ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

an inlet breach on fire island triggered by hurricane sandy

Scientists collect key environmental data after Superstorm Sandy

NSF funding secures critical evidence needed to plan for future mega-storms...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

graduate student collects seawater samples onboard a research vessel

Looking for nitrogen in the ocean

Assay measures cyanate in estuarine and coastal waters...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a stem-cell peptide protects the shoot apical meristem against infection

The protective power of plant stem cells

Researchers discover mechanism for immunity and development...

Research Areas: Biology

researcher guides wave monitoring float into the water

Riding (and monitoring) the ocean's internal waves

Self-propelled instruments offer feedback on the ocean's energy ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

deep beneath the ocean floor, microbes attached to basalt produce iron sulfide (pyrite)

Life under an igneous rock in the deep blue sea

Thriving community of microbes discovered buried beneath the seafloor...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a farmer and his livestock cross a dry plain in east africa

Insights into East African rainfall

Indian Ocean temperatures linked to rainfall in the drought-prone region...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

carbon-containing minerals form ridges on the deep seafloor

Recasting the Earth's carbon cycle

Carbon history findings solve past climate mystery...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

two toddlers playing

Poverty linked to women's employment and family policies

Study finds family poverty risk decreases when policies support women...

Research Areas: People & Society

red meat

The hidden calories of food processing

Study finds processing significantly raises a food's caloric load ...

Research Areas: People & Society

three key migrations linked to native american populations

Multiple Native American migrations settled the Americas

Genetic diversity survey points to three key migrations ...

Research Areas: People & Society

primes conference participants engage in discussion

Mathematics program PRIMES student problem-solving skills

High-school students attack real-world problems through MIT program...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Education

pollen from an ornamental shrub introduced to the u.s. from korea

Pollen over the past millennium

Online resource provides data for human-plant interaction studies...

Research Areas: Biology

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