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Composing an aquatic symphony

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Interactions Among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Society  (University of New Hampshire)

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University of New Hampshire (UNH) researchers are using miniaturized, high-tech sensor suites to uncover the rhythms of the state' waterways. Wil Wollheim, Richard Carey and Gopal Mulukutla of UNH's Earth Systems Research Center take measurements 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the sensors to determine patterns that emerge through space and time. The researchers compare the patterns to an aquatic symphony and note that such a "score" provides rich, scientific detail and gives unprecedented insight into the chemical and physical processes of stream and river networks.

This work is part of New Hampshire's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Ecosystems and Society project. The EPSCoR effort aims to provide more information about ecosystem services in an effort to better manage the state's natural resources. Details derived from the project will help ensure that population growth and development proceeds in a sustainable fashion without threatening the quality of life that makes New Hampshire a desirable place to live and visit. The project collects data statewide through a variety of methods and networks to monitor components such as forest, water and soil quality.


  • researchers secure an aquatic sensor suite in a river
Researchers secure an aquatic sensor suite in the Lamprey River.
Dick Lord, UNH

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