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Georgia: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

48 Award Highlights found :: Georgia

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blue, green and orange luminescent nanoribbons

Nanoribbons add color to luminescent paint

Unique synthesis process generates nanostructures that give off blue, green and orange light ...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials

a novel approach to synthesizing alkynes eases production of compounds from drugs to polymers

Critical molecular group for drugs and plastics now easier to make

Novel synthesis technique could affect all forms of molecular assembly...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

students participate in a soymap workshop

Cultivating future plant genomics researchers

SoyMap workshop provides hands-on instruction for undergraduates ...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

two molecules similar to dna bases assembling in water

The origins of DNA, RNA and proteins

Clues show how distant ancestors to DNA and RNA first assembled on prebiotic Earth ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

the team that created a robot able to follow, lead and adapt in rehabilitative dance

Dancing with robots

Nimble robot may help rehabilitate those with impaired motor function...

Research Areas: Engineering

fossil corals from the line islands in the pacific

Teasing out El Nino's impact on climate change

History of variability masks climate change effects...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

imaging technique using mass spectrometry reveals the chemical makeup of a granite surface

Rocks reveal Earth's early chemistry

Technique retrieves chemical information on complex surfaces...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

carbon-hydrogen bonds can jump-start reactions needed for biological activity in a drug compound

Streamlining drug synthesis

Carbon-hydrogen bonds jump-start crucial reactions ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

montage shows disinfectant-free environments are less resistant to antibiotics than those environments treated with disinfectant

Disinfectant Exposure Increases Antibiotic Resistance

Quantifying resistance could improve clinical, home and industrial use guidelines...

Research Areas: Engineering

model of a tower crane

Monitoring Construction Site Progress

Video analysis offers insight into performance...

Research Areas: Engineering

a goby rests on coral that is in contact with green alga

The Curious Case of Coral, Gobies and Toxic Algae

Grazing fish protect coral from toxic algae...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

side view of flexible sheet moving in water

Creating Robotic Swimmers From Plastic Sheets

Researchers discover why flexible sheets move like eels in water...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Physics

high temperature hydrothermal vent

Ocean Vents Give Clues to Undersea Biosphere

Technique allows researchers to remotely monitor hydrothermal plumes ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

sugar cubes

Sugar and the Origin of Life

Researchers discover alternatives to RNA backbone ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

science cafe series poster

Science Cafes Bring Science to the People

NSF-funded center and the Atlanta Botanical Garden host community science events...

Research Areas: Education, Chemistry & Materials

mississippi river

Protecting the Ocean and Coastal Waters

Computer simulations show impact of human activity on marine life...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

image montage

Learning About Squishy Science

In Atlanta, students from first grade through high school get a first-hand look at the work of scientists...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Education

computer model of cholesterol activity

Modeling Cholesterol Behavior

Simulation could help researchers design materials for drug delivery....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

bullet and gunpowder

Strategies for Reducing International Conflict

Research may help defuse emerging discord and encourage peaceful relations....

Research Areas: People & Society

Close-up photo of fire ant head

Fire Ant Genome Research Could Help Control Menace

Genome study has highlighted potential routes for developing more effective controls ...

Research Areas: Biology

Mutant soybean plant with wrinkled leaves

Improving Legumes with Mutant Soybean Cells

New cell lines could improve this popular protein source....

Research Areas: Biology

photo of a sandfish lizard emerging from sand

Understanding the Physics of Swimming in Sand

Researchers have used high-speed X-ray imaging and developed empirical granular drag laws to reveal how sandfish lizards...

Research Areas: Physics, Biology

monarch butterfly

Migrating Butterflies Escape Disease

Migration may short-circuit spread of disease rather than accelerate it....

Research Areas: Biology

tongue drive system

Technology Uses Tongue Motion to Move Wheelchairs, Mouse Cursors

Individuals with high-level spinal cord injuries and other severe disabilities were able to move objects...

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology

Photo of energy storage system

New Research Leads to Energy-Efficient Solutions

PhosphorTech Corp. of Lithia Springs, Ga., has developed new materials and structures that can be used in the next generation of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). ...

Research Areas: Engineering

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