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Center for Integrated Access Networks Engineering Research Center

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NSF Engineering Research Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN)  (University of Arizona)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The goal of the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) is creating transformative optoelectronic telecom technologies enabling optical access and aggregation networks where virtually any application requiring any resource can be seamlessly and efficiently aggregated and interfaced with existing and future core telecom/datacom networks in a cost effective manner

The CIAN is focusing on removing one of the last bottlenecks in the Internet by developing optoelectronic technologies for high-bandwidth, low-cost, widespread access and aggregation networks. The vision of CIAN is to create the "PC" equivalent for the optical access and aggregation network. Transforming the costly discrete optoelectronic technologies of today's network into affordable, highly integrated optoelectronic subsystems that demonstrate novel optical network functionalities and infrastructure that enable heterogeneous services. CIAN's ultimate goal is to provide the technological foundation for an advanced optical network that simultaneously achieves efficient high data rate aggregation, to amortize the cost for end users, while providing the necessary flexibility to support diverse end user requirements. The development of these technologies is essential for delivery of single user data rates approaching 10 Gb per second and provision of the associated services to a broad population base regardless of the "last-mile" technology. Attainment of these goals will enable affordable, flexible access to any type of service to anybody, anywhere, at anytime.

The research of the CIAN Engineering Research Center will advance upon three major thrusts wherein interoperability of components will be proven via state-of-the-art testbeds, which will provide for cross-collaboration among system, sub-system, and device research efforts.

Education & Outreach

The research vision of the Engineering Research Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) is to create integrated optical technologies for the future Internet that will enable low cost delivery of high data rates to a broad population. Boosting creativity and innovation among students, educators, researchers, and industrial practitioners is the educational goal that supports this vision. CIAN's students, faculty, and administrators are devoted to sharing their time, resources, and knowledge with diverse communities populated by future innovators to ensure continued progress in optical communication technology.

The portrayal of innovation will be informed and updated by our partnership with The Arizona Center for Innovation (AZCI) and data from our industrial partners about advantageous qualities in the workplace. CIAN's array of education programs offers students the opportunity to develop skills that are the building blocks of innovation.

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