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Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development

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The Taj: A New Model for Global Federated Network Infrastructure for Science and Education  (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

GLORIAD is built on a fiber-optic ring of networks around the northern hemisphere of the earth, providing scientists, educators and students with advanced networking tools that improve communications and data exchange, enabling active, daily collaboration on common problems. With GLORIAD, the scientific community can move unprecedented volumes of valuable data effortlessly, stream video and communicate through quality audio- and video-conferencing.

GLORIAD exists today due to the shared commitment of the US, Russia, China, Korea, Canada, the Netherlands and the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, to promote increased engagement and cooperation between their countries, beginning with their scientists, educators and young people. The benefits of this advanced network are shared with Science & Education (S&E) communities throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

GLORIAD provides more than a network; it provides a stable, persistent, non-threatening means of facilitating dialog and increased cooperation between nations that often have been at odds through the past century. This new era of cooperation will provide benefits not only to the S&E communities but to every citizen in the partner countries through:

  • Improved weather forecasting and atmospheric modeling through live sharing of monitoring data;
  • New discoveries into the basic nature and structure of the universe through advanced network connections between high energy physicists and astronomers - and the expensive facilities GLORIAD makes it possible to share;
  • Support of the global community building the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), creating a technology which will someday provide a practically limitless supply of energy;
  • Advancing joint geological sciences related to seismic monitoring and earthquake prediction;
  • Enabling new joint telemedical applications and practices;
  • Strengthening current programs in nuclear weapons disposal, nuclear materials protection, accounting and control and active discussions on combating terrorist threats.
  • Increasing classroom-to-classroom cooperation to accessible scientists and students in other countries through the 24/7 EduCultural Channel, the “Virtual Science Museum of China,” the Russia-developed “Simple Words ” global essay contest, and a special partnership with International Junior Achievement.


Education & Outreach

Collaboration Infrastructure. 
VRVS (Virtual Room Videsconferencing System) is a unique, globally scalable next-generation system for real-time collaboration by small workgroups, medium and large teams engaged in research, education and outreach.

VRVS operates over an ensemble of national and international networks. Initially designed as a limited-scale prototype serving the high energy and nuclear physics (HENP) community, VRVS has added more functionality to benefit from the latest software developments. VRVS covers the full range of existing and emerging protocols and the full range of client devices for collaboration, from mobile systems through classroom and laboratory desktops to installations in large auditoriums.

New tools are developed to allow teacher-education faculty, consultants, and K-12 classroom teachers to engage in large collaborative sessions as part of their daily activity.

The existence of such an environment and the new features will be used as the foundation of the GLORIAD collaboration infrastructure where we will extend and consolidate the deployment of the VRVS real-time collaboration infrastructure to the US, Russia, China, Korea, Canada, Netherlands and Central Asia. This advanced international infrastructure will represent a powerful basis for supporting a transparent collaboration among diverse communities engaged in joint exploration and investigation of new learning environments and new paradigms in learning processes.

Also, through partnership with Cisco and through their donation of IP telephony equipment and expertise, GLORIAD will deploy an IP telephony infrastructure as part of its overall strategy to facilitate increased ease of communications.

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