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National Institute for Computional Sciences Kraken

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NICS Remote Data Analysis and Visualization Center  (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The high performance supercomputer for transformational research projects is National Institute for Computational Sciences (NCIS) Kraken, led by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, in collaboration with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  If petascale computing is the gold standard for the next generation of academic cyberinfrastructure, this mid-range high performance system will move U.S. researchers toward that goal, providing peak performace of just under one petaflop.  The new near-petascale system's computing capability significantly expands the capacity of the Tera
Grid and enables investigators to pursue breakthrough science and engineering research in a wide range of computationally demanding areas including: life sciences, earth, atmospheric and ocean sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, materials research and nanoscale engineering, computational fluid dynamics, high-energy physics, astronomy and astrophysics, space physics, economics, neuroscience and social science.

Education & Outreach

The mission for the Education, Outreach & Training (EOT) program at NICS is to ensure current computational scientists are familiar with the latest high-performance computing techniques, train beginning computational scientists in the basics of HPC, and reach out to new and under-represented communities by providing novel opportunities.

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