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Jobs await graduates of two-year aerospace technician programs

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SpaceTEC National Resource Center  (Brevard Community College)

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Job seekers with the high-tech skills used in the aerospace industry are in high demand nationwide. In the U.S., Thomas Nelson Community College in Virginia, Calhoun Community College in Alabama and Brevard Community College in Florida provide SpaceTEC® aerospace courses and certification by the SpaceTEC National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education. More than 2,000 students have participated in SpaceTEC-related, two-year degree programs and qualified for internships and co-op positions.

Paid internships are available at SpaceX--a leading commercial space transportation company in Florida--and cooperative student appointments at NASA's Langley Research Center, Virginia, and the Boeing Company in Huntsville, Ala. More than 100 students in over 25 companies have earned internships and more than 30 students in over 10 companies have earned cooperative student appointments.

Though not very common in two-year, technical education programs, the aerospace core and co-curricular opportunities were spawned through ongoing partnerships created by the NSF SpaceTEC National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education and supported nationally by at least 40 representatives from two- and four-year educational institutions, government agencies, and business and industry groups.

The Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Army, the Department of Defense and the Veteran's Administration have approved SpaceTEC certifications in five basic technical disciplines and three advanced concentrations.

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Technicians work on a SpaceTEC apparatus.
Albert M. Koller, Jr.
SpaceTEC participants and partners.
Albert M. Koller, Jr.

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