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Arkansas: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

20 Award Highlights found :: Arkansas

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a micro-hall device enables researchers to see magnetic patterns in an electric current

Seeing electric current up close

Sensor allows viewers to see magnetic patterns of an electric current at nanoscale dimensions...

Research Areas: Engineering

kindergartner builds her first circuit with the power box kit

Education kits make STEM fun

Arkansas teachers and researchers create renewable energy and biotech learning tools...

Research Areas: Education

a simple, space-saving greenhouse built from recycled materials

Greenhouses for food and learning

Students compete in solar greenhouse design competition ...

Research Areas: Education

an undergraduate cares for rice plants at the university of central arkansas

Creating more robust cereal crops

Nitrogen-loving bacteria offer natural alternative to fertilizer...

Research Areas: Biology

students adjust electrical components on their solar vehicle

From go-cart to solar buggy

Students produce solar-powered vehicle...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

fishnet nanostructure to improve solar cell absorption

Improving solar cell light absorption

Technique increases efficiency and lowers production costs ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Engineering

a comparison of bare glass and glass treated with a water-repellent coating

A solar cell face-lift

Changes to the surface of solar cells result in self-cleaning properties...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

researchers collaborate on lysosomal disease therapy

Plants offer alternative therapy for lysosomal diseases

Plant-based enzymes safely remove unwanted substances for less...

Research Areas: Biology, Chemistry & Materials

high-voltage packaging protects electronics

Power Packaging for Power Electronics

Novel coating improves safety of high-voltage electronics ...

Research Areas: Engineering

Space station photo of the curve of the Earth at night

Computer Simulations Help Scientists Understand Stability of Auroras

Double layers are key...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Computing

scientist explains power cell

Mini-Power Cell Runs on Sugar and Oxygen

Carbon nanotubes and polymers combine to power implanted sensors...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience, Engineering

figures at desks

Finding the Best in Virtual Work Environments

Researchers study the impact of virtual connections on business practices....

Research Areas: People & Society

manipulating plant roots to produce biologically active compounds

Producing a peanut-based anticancer, antioxidant compound

Arkansas scientists develop a natural source of resveratrol...

Research Areas: Biology, Chemistry & Materials

Image of the Artic

Geographers Discover Chemical Weathering to be Significant in Landscape Evolution in Arctic Environments

Traditionally, physical weathering has been regarded to be more important than chemical weathering in the development of cold climate landscapes. ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

Image of Machu Picchu

New Equipment Transforms Scope of Archaeology Research

With funds provided by NSF, archaeologists at the University of Arkansas purchased a suite of instruments, called a High Accuracy/Resolution Landscape and Structure Characterization System that allows extremely detailed characterization of the surfaces of a wide variety of areas and objects. ...

Research Areas: People & Society

Illustration of a neural device

Neural Prosthetic Devices Promise Medical Breakthrough

Project investigators at three Arkansas universities are collaborating on a research project that could possibly mitigate or eradicate certain neurodegenerative and heart diseases by adapting nanomaterials to neural prosthetic devices....

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Engineering, People & Society, Biology

Photo of chemistry beakers

REU Reaches Out to Tribal Nations

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates site at the University of Arkansas has begun reaching out to Native American students....

Research Areas: Education

Illustration of mosquito on an arm

Novel Handheld Instrument Quickly Detects Malaria

Vegrandis, LLC has developed a new electrochemical method for sensitive and reliable detection....

Research Areas: Biology, Engineering

Graduate students Lou Hirsch and Wayra Navia-Gin¿¿ measure chlorophyll levels in soybean plants at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Planting Seeds of Collaboration in Arkansas

The multi-institution Plant-Powered Production (P3) Center in Arkansas is facilitating research collaborations across the state that promise to boost the medical, agricultural, food, energy and environmental sciences....

Research Areas: Biology

No image available

Students Blaze a Trail to the 21st Century at Robotics Championship

The Frontiers Rails BEST Robotics Competition aims to increase students' interest and understanding of science, engineering and technology with the hope that they will go on to careers in those fields....

Research Areas: Engineering, Computing, Education

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