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Michigan: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

67 Award Highlights found :: Michigan

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a university of michigan job loss index predicts unemployment claims using job-related social media messages

Using social media to track job losses in real time

When combined with official statistics, Twitter data can improve monitoring of economic activity ...

Research Areas: People & Society

data suggests iron carbide may indeed be abundant in the earth's core

Viewing the inner Earth through a diamond window

Specialized equipment helps determine Earth's core components...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a red squirrel moves her pup from one nest to another

A mother's protective influence

Maternal stress hormones prepare young animals for changing environments...

Research Areas: Biology

screen image of text interview on a mobile device

Better survey results through text messaging

Compared to voice interviews, text messaging provides higher quality data ...

Research Areas: People & Society

schematic shows synthesis of terephthalic acid (pta) from multiple sources

Synthesizing an alternate source of a critical plastic

Starting materials for terephthalic acid available from plants or shale gas...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

blood donations

Attracting potential blood donors

Economic incentives motivate blood donation ...

Research Areas: People & Society

device tests algal response to various flows of water

Fighting pollution with biodiversity

Highly diverse ecosystems are more efficient at removing unwanted nutrients ...

Research Areas: Biology

leg joints delivering large angle motion in many directions allow microbots to walk like insects

Microrobots on the move

Next-generation robots offer enhanced speed and agility...

Research Areas: Engineering

a couple calculates expenses

Soothing economic hardship with retirement savings

NSF-funded study finds Americans use pensions to stabilize finances prior to retirement ...

Research Areas: People & Society

deep beneath the ocean floor, microbes attached to basalt produce iron sulfide (pyrite)

Life under an igneous rock in the deep blue sea

Thriving community of microbes discovered buried beneath the seafloor...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a 3-d neural probe with electrical and chemical interfaces

Tracking brain activity over time

Flexible brain implant may eliminate rejection and scarring issues ...

Research Areas: Engineering

phytoplankton in a dark sea

Tropical phytoplankton feel the heat

As ocean temperatures rise, tropical species will either move, adapt or face extinction...

Research Areas: Biology

the at2 gene is expressed in a single cell type on hairs of the tomato plant

Pest Protection Depends on Location

Enzyme protects tomatoes and their wild relatives in some locations but not others...

Research Areas: Biology

innovative boiler and condenser approaches

Adapting Boilers and Condensers for Earth and Space

Thin films enhance heat removal and allow for miniaturization and space applications...

Research Areas: Engineering

a specially designed optical resonator extends telecommunication wavelengths

Creating a Compact Ultraviolet Light Source

Device's low power consumption could improve data storage, microscopy and chemical analysis...

Research Areas: Engineering

a wearable sensor for mobile health care

Monitoring Heart Failure More Accurately

Wearable sensor tracks both heart and lung sounds...

Research Areas: Engineering

composite image shows mabel running at 2.5 meters per second

MABEL Moves Fast For a Robot

Biped robot could transform robot design, construction and control...

Research Areas: Engineering

plants use hydrostatic pressure to create movements with considerable force

Building Design Takes a Cue From Plants

Engineered composites imitate living organisms...

Research Areas: Engineering

simulations show evolution of networks toward modular, fast adapting entities

Modular Biological Networks Avoid Costly Connections

Study reveals how modularity hastens adaptation while limiting costly solutions ...

Research Areas: Biology

head and thorax of a male rhinoceros beetle with a branched horn

What Developmental Mechanism Leads to Extreme Trait Size?

Insulin plays a role in the growth of extreme, sexually selected traits ...

Research Areas: Biology

telephone interviewer engages a respondent on the phone

Speech Patterns and the Telephone Survey

Suboptimal speech makes telephone interviewers highly effective...

Research Areas: People & Society

statue of children

Weighing Child Testimony

Some interview methods produce less reliable testimony from child witnesses...

Research Areas: People & Society

kanzi a male bonobo

Bonobo Helps Explain Genetic Differences

Bonobo genome provides insight into human evolution...

Research Areas: People & Society, Biology

researcher records grooming behavior in a family of geladas

Adaptive Strategies in the Wild

Female primates follow adaptive reproductive strategy under unstable social conditions...

Research Areas: Biology, People & Society

a samburu woman crosses a danger zone carrying a heavy load

The Impact of Violence

Violence, more than poverty, poses the greatest threat to well-being...

Research Areas: People & Society

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