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Nevada: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

15 Award Highlights found :: Nevada

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an ice core from the side of the main hole

Prehistoric ice cores help predict future climate

Climate time capsule shows previously hidden interactions between greenhouse gases and climate...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

the city of las vegas at night

The urban heat (and cool) island in Las Vegas

Temperatures are rising at night and falling during the day around the Strip...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

badwater basin, death valley national park where magnetic bacteria was found

Fabricating Magnetic Bacteria

Badwater Basin bacteria grown in the lab could lead to novel biotech and nanotech uses...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

geese enjoy pristine lake in Nevada

Nevada Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Collaborates on Climate Change

Summit Lake Paiute Tribe and Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe give input on natural resource management...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

schematic of shared infrastructure

Standards Ease Data Discovery, Exchange and Use

NSF researchers adopt international standards for data sets....

Research Areas: Computing

woman with ice core

Ice Core Reveals Ancient Atmosphere

Deepest U.S. ice core contains clues to changes in Earth's climate....

Research Areas: Polar


The Ins and Outs of the Legal System

Researchers comb through evidence to identify trends in how decisions are made....

Research Areas: People & Society

nevada and climate change

Monitoring Nevada's Changing Environment

Instruments are in place to track the effects of climate change on Nevada's varied landscape....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment


Nano Hits the Slopes

Students create snow skis with embedded carbon nanotubes...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials, Engineering

Roots seek water in tight spaces

Getting to the Root of Water Uptake in Plants

Plant roots prefer tightly packed soil for water uptake according to NSF-funded scientists....

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

scientist examines layers in wall of ice

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core Project: A Unique Record of Ancient Air

A team of researchers has collected Antarctic ice containing a record of climate that extends 20,000 years into the past....

Research Areas: Polar, Earth & Environment

Photo of NEES shake table for earthquake simulations

Bridges Get All Shook Up

Researchers at the University of Nevada are testing the performance of entire four-span bridges and individual bridge components by subjecting them to simulated earthquake ground motion. ...

Research Areas: Engineering

Photo of honey bees

Biologists Explore Correlation between Honey Bee Age and Flight Performance

Research explores why worker bees that transition to foraging earlier have shorter lifespans....

Research Areas: Biology

Photo of an ice sheet

Antarctic Researchers Study Deep-Ice Cores

In 2009, U.S researchers conducted a deep-ice coring project in West Antarctica in order to study climate, ice sheet history and cryobiology....

Research Areas: Polar, Earth & Environment

Photo of a barometer

New Consortium Addresses Cyberinfrastructure Issues

Representatives from New Mexico, Idaho and Nevada launched a coordinated cyberinfrastructure research and development plan to serve as a platform for future climate change research....

Research Areas: Computing, Earth & Environment, Education

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