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Silicon Solar Consortium Research Center

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Collaborative Research: SiSoC Center proposal  (North Carolina State University)

Collaborative Research: SiSoC Center Proposal  (GA Tech Research Corporation - GA Institute of Technology)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The mission of the Silicon Solar Consortium Research Center, an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC), is to create a multi-university, multi-company culture addressing science and technology issues facing the international photovoltaic (PV) silicon materials industry.  Working with partners from industry and national laboratories, the center is focusing on  the research and development of silicon PV material, PV cells and PV modules, while developing novel breakthrough designs and processes.

The center carries out a variety of crystalline silicon research programs, addressing topics such as crystal growth, impurities and defects in silicon, PV device processing, process modeling and simulation, and module issues.


Education & Outreach

The center provides graduate and postgraduate students with research opportunities in photovoltaic science, with the goal of creating an expanded pool of trained scientists and engineers needing minimal on-the-job training. In addition, the center provides opportunities for scientists and engineers of the member companies to  serve as project mentors and visiting scientists at the university sites.

Knowledge and technology are transferred to industry members through semi-annual meetings, research collaborations, and visits of faculty and students to member company facilities. The center provides a forum for addressing scientific and technical issues facing the photovoltaic community, and a high level of visibility within the international semiconductor community.

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