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New York: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

176 Award Highlights found :: New York

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what appears as a celestial event actually is part of a social network dynamics study

Tracking 'Tweets' to determine political participation

Software helps extract meaningful data from social media platforms...

Research Areas: People & Society

single acts of kindness can promote generous behavior among large groups of people

Generosity can be contagious

"Paying it forward" increases with observed or received acts of kindness ...

Research Areas: People & Society

a gallery of nanoparticles and thin films made with a flame-based process

Making electric inks less expensive

Unique fire-based recipe enables precision control of fabrication process...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Engineering

a powerful algorithm helps researchers map complex cell development

Mapping cell development one line at a time

The Wanderlust algorithm allows researchers to study single cells as they transform into tissues and organs...

Research Areas: Biology

a tent-making bat, a fruit-eating species of new world leaf-nosed bats

The evolution of smell in fruit-eating bats

The ability to smell different odors helps bats and other mammals survive...

Research Areas: Biology

a gas cloud illuminates black holes at the center of the milky way

Hunting black holes with a gas cloud

Traveling gas cloud may illuminate black holes near the center of the Milky Way galaxy...

Research Areas: Physics, Astronomy & Space

screen image of text interview on a mobile device

Better survey results through text messaging

Compared to voice interviews, text messaging provides higher quality data ...

Research Areas: People & Society

a researcher works with a !xuun speaker in namibia

Rare speech sounds discovered in African languages

Unusual click consonants in languages of Botswana and Namibia...

Research Areas: People & Society

images show worm tubes in sediment and concentrations of hydrogen sulfide

Monitoring hydrogen sulfide in salt marshes

Novel sensor detects both distribution and concentration of bacteria byproduct...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

glowing polymer goes dark when exposed to explosive vapors

Non-contact detection of explosive materials

Polymer senses explosive vapors in the air...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a male bee of the genus sphecodes

Assessing the status of bees

Software captures data on bees as pollinators and their response to global warming...

Research Areas: Biology

a visualization of multiple parameters used to understand tagging of patents

User-friendly patents

Innovative software describes inventions and how they relate to other technologies...

Research Areas: People & Society

fear plays a role in ability to cope with cyberattacks

Fear of phishing diminishes ability to choose the best safeguard

Optimistic older adults surpass peers and younger adults when it comes to identifying phishing messages ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

an inlet breach on fire island triggered by hurricane sandy

Scientists collect key environmental data after Superstorm Sandy

NSF funding secures critical evidence needed to plan for future mega-storms...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

schematic depicts unintentional doping of nickel nanoparticles with phosphorus

Phosphorus-doping limits nickel nanoparticles

Conventional synthesis can cause unintentional doping of particles...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials

solar cells that harvest energy from both light and heat integrate into shingles

Of shingles and solar cells

Roofing material may convert light and heat into electricity...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

this waveguide catches and absorbs different colors of the spectrum in a vertical direction

Enhancing solar energy absorption

Ultrathin film efficiently captures and absorbs light...

Research Areas: Engineering

a chemical sensor can estimate glucose levels in the breath of those with diabetes

Breath analyzer eases glucose monitoring

Sensors differentiate diabetic markers in human breath...

Research Areas: Engineering

graphic depicts rising economic needs

Gauging public response to government intervention

Public reaction to latest recession departed from expectations...

Research Areas: People & Society

images from siachen landslides

Earthquake technology helps detect remote landslides

Seismic data and satellite images aid study of landslides in remote locations ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

illustration of a hypothetical placental ancestor, a small insect-eating animal

Tracing the history of placental mammals

Analysis of DNA and physical traits places species diversification after dinosaur extinction ...

Research Areas: Biology

illustration of the veritas observatory detecting crab pulsar emission

Detecting Ultrahigh Energy Pulsars

VERITAS observations improve pulsar emission models...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Physics

model used to create prototype of the main linac seven-cell cavity

A Bright New Day for Synchrotron Sources

Undulators replace storage ring technology and produce ultrabright light pulses...

Research Areas: Physics, Engineering

a coffee berry borer beetle

Safeguarding a Cuppa Joe

Finding may limit damage caused by gene transfer between bacteria and coffee beetle ...

Research Areas: Biology

researchers attach transmitters to seeds to track movement

Rescuing Tropical Trees from Extinction

Rodents may be responsible for the survival of tropical trees after large mammals became extinct...

Research Areas: Biology

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