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Tennessee: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

21 Award Highlights found :: Tennessee

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kudzu plants

Kudzu kicks up the current

Thin films made of kudzu show promise as alternative energy source ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

pillar array structure assists with lab-on-a-chip  chemistry

Pillar arrays assist with lab-on-a-chip chemistry

Fluidic structures offer alternatives for point-of-care and biomedical sampling...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

platinum particles assessed with scanning electrochemical microscopy

Harnessing hydrogen with platinum

Novel approach offers alternative method to convert light into energy...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

students examine materials used to make solar cells

Making solar cells from blackberries

Outreach program gives high-school students unique lab opportunities ...

Research Areas: Education

proposed microscopic structure of typical plastic solar cells

Neutrons Shed Light on the Structure of Plastic Photovoltaics

Finding could lead to a completely different model of how plastic solar cells operate ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

laser light can probe and quantify molecules captured in porous silicon

Building a Better Biosensor

Porous silicon improves sensor's ability to detect biomolecules...

Research Areas: Engineering

a shipyard worker uses the robotic welder

Climbing Robot Builds Ships

Automated crawler assists with welding tasks...

Research Areas: Engineering

simulation shows water molecules moving in and out of a p450 enzyme. these enzymes detoxify a large fraction of drugs taken by humans.

Understanding Detox Enzymes

Supercomputer reveals how gene mutations affect enzymes the body uses to detoxify drugs...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Biology

false-color map of u.s. shows static stress locations; high stress could cause system instability

Who's Watching the Power Grid?

FNET/Grideye initiative monitors the status of the nation's electrical grid...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

3-D image of bone's support structure

A More Accurate Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Ultrasound offers safe, inexpensive approach to detect bone thinning...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Biology, Engineering

bone sample

Building a Better Bone Implant

Injectable biomaterials repair and replace skull and jaw bones....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Engineering

moldy pumpkins

Genetic Techniques Help Target a Plant Pathogen

Several mutated genes in a soybean parasite may help researchers stop this crop menace....

Research Areas: Biology

computer model of Earth with clouds

Computing the Effect of Clouds

Project Athena models cloud systems to improve climate forecasting....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Computing

bat in flight

Scientists Unlock Secret of Rabies Transmission in Bats

Rabies study helps fill major gap in knowledge of how infectious diseases emerge....

Research Areas: Biology

smallmouth bass

What Do Male Fish with Female Tissues Say About Water Quality?

Intersex bass could serve as indicators of water quality--aquatic versions of canaries in the coal mine....

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

Image of bats

Scientists Unlock Secret of Rabies Transmission in Bats

Results of a study conducted by Daniel Streicker and colleagues from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Western Michigan University provide some of the first estimates of infectious disease cross-species transmission (CST) frequency. ...

Research Areas: Biology

Photo of an alluvial fan

Lasers Provide New Insights Regarding Alluvial Fans

With support from an NSF CAREER award, Thad Wasklewicz of East Carolina University and colleagues used new laser technology to obtain very precise topographic measurements of alluvial fans....

Research Areas: People & Society, Earth & Environment

Photo of braincells

Fluorescent Molecules to Improve Cancer Detection and Treatment

Molecular imaging identifies diseased brain tissue and shows promise as a surgical tool....

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology

Photo of Mount St. Helens

Analysis of Zircon Crystals Gives Clues about Supervolcanoes

Researchers have discovered that crystals from Mount St. Helens date earlier than 35,000 years ago. Analysis of the crystals gives insight into the evolution of the volcano and changes in magma temperature over time....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

Photo of a doctoral graduate

Broadening Women's Participation in Economic Science

The American Economic Association's Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) is using NSF funding to mentor young women economists....

Research Areas: Education, People & Society

Photo of daydreaming student

Astrobiology Encourages Students to Contemplate Big Ideas

The Astrobiology in the Secondary Classroom project emphasizes interdisciplinary connections in astronomy, biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics, mathematics and ethics....

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Education, Computing

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