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Data-intensive climate lessons for the classroom

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New Mexico EPSCoR RII3: Climate Change Impacts on New Mexico's Mountain Sources of Water  (University of New Mexico)

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Web-based TeachData provides K-12 educators with scientific data and results from research projects supported by the New Mexico Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR). The online lesson plans give teachers an additional tool for teaching about climate change.

With input from teachers, TeachData staff has created:

  • real-time climate data visualizations, often in the form of graphs or charts,
  • an intuitive interface,
  • pop-up boxes that describe advanced topics,
  • data downloads related to the lesson,
  • maps to situate the data within New Mexico, and
  • background on the researcher involved in a specific project.

NM EPSCoR has worked to identify the K-12 teacher requirements needed to use climate data effectively in the classroom. As part of this effort, an advisory group of secondary education teachers met over the course of a year to provide input that modified the design of the NM EPSCoR data portal and led to the development of the TeachData website, which provides all the elements the teachers identified as most useful.



  • a screenshot from the teachdata website
The TeachData website provides videos, graphs, questions to ask students and a researcher profile.
Natalie Willoughby, New Mexico EPSCoR

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