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Colorado: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

69 Award Highlights found :: Colorado

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localized and mobile quantum states mix to form a new kind of magnetism

Electronic device innovation could benefit from a new kind of magnetism

Hastatic order may explain puzzling behavior exhibited by a variety of materials...

Research Areas: Physics

relocated gulf stream improves climate models

Improving climate change models

Variations in the ocean bottom affect climate predictions...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a beaver

Yellowstone ecosystem needs beavers

Beaver dams will help restore fertile wetlands in the park ...

Research Areas: Biology

a california tiger salamander

Biodiversity as disease defender

Variation among species protects against the spread of disease ...

Research Areas: Biology

still image from a video depicting the removal of aerosol particles from a hurricane via rain

Shaking the dust from the clouds

Tropical clouds transfer African dust from atmosphere to ocean ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

mountain lion

Disease exchange between wild cats and house cats

Bobcats, pumas and domestic cats share ranges and disease exposure...

Research Areas: Biology

undergraduate participant at the rocky mountain biological laboratory

Training young scientists in the Colorado mountains

Summer students take on key projects at The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

an advance in atomic force microscopy allows for measurement of picoscale forces in liquid

Stabilizing the Force in Microscopy

Advance leads to 100-fold improvement in atomic force microscopy at room temperature...

Research Areas: Biology, Engineering

simulation of a drop breakup as it flows through granular material

The Push and Pull of Oil Drops

Simulations describe emulsion flows through narrow channels and porous material...

Research Areas: Engineering

diagram of the microsystem design

Fabricating Tiny Features

Microsystems manipulate sharp nanoscale tips with nanoscale precision...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

graph shows responses to preferred political options for future de facto state in eastern europe

Building New National Identities

Citizens in separtist regions unlikely to reintegrate into their former countries ...

Research Areas: People & Society

members of the atmospheric sounding team

More Reliable Atmospheric Soundings

New procedures to monitor the atmosphere improve data quality ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

fifth graders work with a phet software simulation

PhET Makes Learning Science Fun

Game-like environment teaches STEM fundamentals ...

Research Areas: Education

image reconstruction of a nanofabricated test pattern

Looking in on the Nanoworld

Researchers achieve ultrahigh resolution with tabletop microscopes ...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Engineering, Physics

winds blow over the front range of colorado in the green lakes valley

Snowmelt, Stream Runoff and Climate Change

Improved snowmelt predictions will help protect water supplies ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

cattle graze in recently cleared rainforest patch in western santa cruz, bolivia

Protecting Global Forests

Deforestation, decentralization and local institutions in Latin America...

Research Areas: People & Society, Earth & Environment

students build model of the colorado watershed

Learning About the Earth's Critical Zone

Colorado students discover how erosion and weathering control this key interface...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

asteroid ceres

A Clear View of Asteroid Ceres

Adaptive optics shows a mysterious asteroid surface...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

tornado spawned by thunderstorm

Inside a Supercell Thunderstorm

Unmanned aircraft provides live tornado data...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

surface detectors and telescopes capture cosmic rays

The Real Composition of Cosmic Rays

The highest energy cosmic particles may be iron or very fat protons. ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

electric current through tube creates ion gas

Tiny Tube Solar Plasma

Earthly experiment creates plasmas similar to those of the Sun....

Research Areas: Physics, Engineering

people voting

Sustaining Democracy Across the World

Research on authoritarian regimes may help generate transitions to democracy....

Research Areas: People & Society

spider specimen in jars

Cataloguing the Spiders of Colorado

Denver Museum of Nature and Science revitalizes its collection and supports arachnid research. ...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

researcher with temperature gauge

Taking the Temperature of Climates Long Past

New approach to measuring surface temperature trends in Antarctica....

Research Areas: Polar

Taylor Glacier

3-D Laser Imaging of Ice, Fire and Earth in Antarctica

Laser scanning creates detailed maps of geological activity at the South Pole....

Research Areas: Polar

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