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Connecticut: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

31 Award Highlights found :: Connecticut

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the schematic shows how a dynamic material can catch and release cancer cells

Detecting cancer with programmable materials

Nucleic acid technologies separate diseased cells from normal cells ...

Research Areas: Engineering

graphic shows the many applications of TBS in drug development

Chemical reagent speeds drug synthesis

Efficient, reliable synthesis of TBS aids multiple industries...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a wildfire at its height

Fanning the flames of extreme wildfires

Settlers in the western U.S. altered a long-term relationship between climate and wildfires ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

teacher gets advice on using a micropipette

Molecular Biology Techniques for High School Teachers

Course offers teachers advanced training in molecular genetics and DNA analysis ...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

colors produced when an electric field is applied to dumbbell-shaped nanoparticles

Dazzling, Energy-efficient Color Displays

Nanoscale dumbbells make smart display materials...

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials

a stream in dead run watershed near baltimore, md

Understanding Urban Flooding

Researchers explore the impact of human and geological factors on flooding in urban areas...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

children in africa

Solving Global Poverty From the Bottom Up

Cost-effective financing strategies mitigate poverty...

Research Areas: People & Society

edge of Antarctic glacier

Ancient Global Cooling Linked to Decreases in Carbon Dioxide

The real role of carbon dioxide in glacier formation and climate change...

Research Areas: Polar, Earth & Environment

antilaser drawing

A Coherent Perfect Absorber, aka the Anti-Laser

Device could contribute to next generation of high-performance computers and have medical imaging applications...

Research Areas: Physics

Photo of Thoreau's specimen, long-stem, dried

Virtual Herbarium Includes Two Plant Samples from H.D. Thoreau

With contemporary and historic plant samples, online database enhances biology lessons ...

Research Areas: Biology

Camp DNA participants.

Camp DNA Promotes Teacher Training

Innovative program targets student teachers and seasoned professionals....

Research Areas: Education

babies learn

Watch What You Say Around Very Young Children

Infants begin to process social cues as early as six months....

Research Areas: People & Society

test of preference for helpers over hinderers

Young Babies Prefer Helpers over Hinderers

Study sheds light on the rate of normal social-cognitive development...

Research Areas: People & Society

system schematic

Flexible Gas Engines on the Horizon

New computer models simulate clean engines that run on gas or biofuel....

Research Areas: Engineering

tse-tse fly

Blood-sucking Fly Still Needs to Take Its Vitamins

Tsetse fly supplements its limited diet with nutrients from a gut-dwelling bacterium....

Research Areas: Biology

implant surface

Next Generation Bone Implants: More Like the Real Thing

Layered implants promote better fit and comfort than current technology....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Engineering

drinking water

Detecting Cancer-causing Compounds in Drinking Water

New techniques identify cancer-causing byproducts of drinking water disinfection processes....

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology

tropical cyclone

Tropical Cyclones Sustained El Nino in Ancient Hothouse Climates

A feedback between tropical cyclone activity and ocean circulation helps explain a period of persistent El Ni¿¿o-like conditions 5 to 3 million years ago...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

Control sites in the brain

Why Are Resolutions So Hard to Keep? Dieting, Saving, and Self-Control

Brain regions involved in self-control identified and shed light on why some choose short-term gains over long-term gains....

Research Areas: People & Society, Biology

corn genes

It Takes A Village of Genes To Grow A Corn Leaf

Researchers discover the processes that regulate food production in corn crops....

Research Areas: Biology

Human are exposed to methylmercury almost exclusively via seafood

Seafloor Sources of Mercury in Fish

The continental shelf and slope are a major source of mercury, study shows...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

table top scanning electron microscope (mini-SEM)

In Connecticut, Portable Electron Microscopes Bring Leading-Edge Science into the Classroom

Schools use table-top scanning electron microscopes to take pictures of objects 10,000 times smaller than a human hair....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Education

Photo of energy storage system

New Research Leads to Energy-Efficient Solutions

PhosphorTech Corp. of Lithia Springs, Ga., has developed new materials and structures that can be used in the next generation of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). ...

Research Areas: Engineering

Image of a telescope

REU Site Prepares Students for Astronomy Study

In 2008, 10 students participated in an unusual NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program....

Research Areas: Education, Astronomy & Space

Photo of sunflowers

The Mechanism of the LEAFY Gene in Plant Development

Protein degradation regulates the LEAFY gene, which controls flowering in plants....

Research Areas: Biology

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