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Wisconsin: Local Research Assets

Learn about NSF-funded infrastructure and tools that turn scientific inquiry into discovery. NSF investments in centers, facilities & networks, telescopes & observatories, and aircraft & vessels enable research across the country. Learn about many of these investments, the area of science they impact, and the outcomes they have enabled.

2 Research Assets found :: Wisconsin

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painting, fish in foreground and ghostly fish in background

North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological Research Site

North Temperate Lakes LTER seeks to understand the ecology of lakes in relation to atmospheric, geochemical, landscape and human processes...

Type: Facilities & Networks
Photo of IceCube equipment and buildings

IceCube Neutrino Observatory

The IceCube, the world's first high-energy neutrino detector, is located at NSF's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station with a mission to understand the nature of dark matter and what powers the most energetic engines in the cosmos....

Type: Telescopes & Observatories, Facilities & Networks
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