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Minnesota: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

53 Award Highlights found :: Minnesota

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a large-grain thin film improves solar panel efficiency

Budget-friendly solar panels possible with nontoxic compound

Alternative thin film could replace expensive, rare materials ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

the silk eye bandage resembles a traditional contact lens

The healing power of silk

Transparent bandages for acute eye injury benefit from this protein fiber...

Research Areas: Engineering

schematic shows the process to create nanochannels

Novel polymer membranes improve energy technologies

Material surface properties and pore dimensions adjust depending on the application...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

a researcher explains his work to minnesota state fair attendees

Bringing plastics to the people

Outreach at the Minnesota State Fair by NSF-funded chemists describes polymer research...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Education

an undergraduate synthesizes a luminescent probe for iron and iron enzymes

Tracking disease sources with light

Light-emitting molecules combine with imaging techniques to target disease ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

fossil corals from the line islands in the pacific

Teasing out El Nino's impact on climate change

History of variability masks climate change effects...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

accountability improves democracy and human rights

Improving democracy through justice

Holding perpetrators accountable furthers democracy and human rights...

Research Areas: People & Society

book cover for kids, cops and confessions

Interrogating serious juvenile offenders

Juveniles exhibit adult-like behavior during police questioning...

Research Areas: People & Society

kindergarten boundaries showing percentage of families headed by a single female

Boundary data for U.S. schools available for research studies

Database offers opportunity to investigate demographic shifts in schools and neighborhoods ...

Research Areas: People & Society

overview of strategy to convert biomass to olefins for polymer fabrication

Renewable building blocks for plastics

Plants, rather than petrochemicals, form the basis for polymers ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

visual simulation of a wind project

Engaging local communities in wind energy development

Approach aims to increase participation and minimize landscape impacts...

Research Areas: People & Society

displacement-controlled machines use 40 percent less fuel than standard machines

Toward More Energy Efficient Heavy Equipment

Prototypes consume less fuel and perform more quickly...

Research Areas: Engineering

snowflake yeast with dead cells stained red

Brewer's Yeast Helps Explain Cell Evolution

In the lab, mighty microbe replicates key evolutionary step...

Research Areas: Biology

silica microspheres used to encapsulate reactive e. coli

Keeping Water Clean With E. coli

Polymer gels remove pesticides and herbicides from drinking water...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

wild lupine blooms

Not All Plants Absorb Carbon Dioxide Equally

Study determines how well grasslands sponge away carbon dioxide ...

Research Areas: Biology

artist's concept of the heliosphere

Taming the Solar Wind

Solar wind protons don't reach Earth but the waves they generate do...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Polar

people voting

Sustaining Democracy Across the World

Research on authoritarian regimes may help generate transitions to democracy....

Research Areas: People & Society

microscope image of extruded material

Better Extrusion Means Better Manufacturing

Math modeling holds the key to manufacturing breakthroughs....

Research Areas: Mathematics, Engineering

photo of long grass and moon in background

Scientists Observe Sun and Moon From Half-mile Underground

Celestial bodies cast shadows in cosmic rays...

Research Areas: Physics

shucked corn ears, close up

Developing Plastics From Corn

Research could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum use ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Earth & Environment

image of honey on a spoon

Sugar Helps Some Living Organisms Survive Freezing

Method may significantly cut costs and decrease the pollution associated with cryogenic requirements...

Research Areas: Engineering

Test platform for hybrid engines

Hybrid Engine Test Platform

Highly flexible system keeps test costs low and measures multiple engine parameters....

Research Areas: Engineering

learning robotics

Using Robotics to Prepare Native American Students for Science, Tech, Engineering, Math Careers

Robotics programs are fun and engaging, and expose students to skills needed in STEM careers....

Research Areas: Education, Computing

traffic at night

Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System Could Mean Huge Fuel Savings

Researchers developed new accumulator device, connected to drive train....

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment


Portable, Working Mini-excavator Demonstrates Hydraulics for K-12 Students

Replicable engineering project for middle and high school students ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

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