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'Tiny Tech' on the radio and the web

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CCI Phase I: Center for Nanostructured Electronic Materials  (University of Florida)

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Nanotechnology researchers have produced more than 30 short radio programs on the science of the very small.  The radio series "Tiny Tech" is the centerpiece of the Center for Nanostructured Electronic Materials (CNEM) public outreach.  "Tiny Tech" is produced as a collaboration between CNEM and the University of Florida public radio station WUFT-FM, with scripts written and edited by CNEM personnel (faculty, research scientists, graduate and undergraduate students) and production carried out at WUFT-FM. Initial production of each module is in English. Scripts are subsequently translated into Spanish by CNEM personnel and produced for the Spanish language market by WUFT.

These modules are broadly available through multiple distribution channels. The completed modules are available to other public radio stations on WUFT's FTP server, from which programs can be downloaded by syndication subscribers and included in automated station management systems. The English language scripts and mp3 audio files are available to the public on the "Tiny Tech" website  or as a podcast through the iTunes store. 

The series is broadcast each Friday on WUFT-FM during the underwriting break in "Science Friday."  Syndication arrangements have been made with WILL-FM (Illinois Public Media) and discussions with several other stations are underway. A Spanish website and podcast will be available soon, allowing dissemination of research results to a community underserved in science programming.

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  • the tiny tech radio program describes advances in nanoscience
  • on-air talent for the tiny tech radio program
The Tiny Tech site offers transcripts and audio files of its nanoscience programs. Podcasts are available through iTunes.
Lisa McElwee-White, University of Florida
The Tiny Tech radio crew includes Richard Drake, Reed Erickson and Janny Radriguez.
Lisa McElwee-White, University of Florida

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