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Physics Frontiers Centers (PFC)

The Physics Frontiers Centers program supports university-based centers and institutes where the collective efforts of a large group of individuals can enable transformation advances in the frontiers of physics.

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simulation of flagellin translocation

Center for the Physics of Living Cells

CPLC aspires to make transformational advances at a genuine scientific frontier: the physics of living cells....

Type: Program Centers
image of electron moving in crystal lattice of a solid

Center for Ultracold Atoms

CUA scientists pursue research in new fields enabled by the creation of ultracold atoms and quantum gases....

Type: Program Centers
image of plasma discharge during magnetic experiment

The Center for Magnetic Self-Organization in Laboratory & Astrophysical Plasmas

CMSO aims to investigate basic problems in plasma physics, common to the laboratory and cosmos....

Type: Program Centers
blue laser in optical atomic clock

JILA Center for Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics

AMO scientists investigate how fundamental physical principles determine the structure and behavior of light and matter....

Type: Program Centers
illustration of knotted fields

Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

The KITP brings together diverse groups of theoretical physicists and other scientists to do research in areas of science that are timely, important and intellectually challenging....

Type: Program Centers
artist's rendering of a neutron star accreting matter

Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

JINA provides an intellectual center in the rapidly growing and diversifying field of astrophysics....

Type: Program Centers
Image of dark matter

Center for the Study of the Origin and Structure of Matter

COSM conducts research that has the potential to advance our understanding of the world through the lens of particle and nuclear physics...

Type: Program Centers
diagram of protein complex modeling

Center for Theoretical Biological Physics

CTBP's mission is to conduct and foster research aimed at providing a quantitative framework for unraveling the workings of complex biological processes....

Type: Program Centers
interferogram image of soliton generation from the decay of plasma

Frontiers in Optical Coherent and Ultrafast Science

FOCUS provides a unique national platform for discovery-class, interdisciplinary research in the optical sciences....

Type: Program Centers
image of cosmic microwave background

Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics

Researchers at KICP study the universe as a whole and its history since the beginning....

Type: Program Centers
image of fermionic atoms in a semi-metal state

Joint Quantum Institute

JQI conducts research aimed at achieving a new technological revolution based on exploiting quantum physics in the context of information science and technology....

Type: Program Centers
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