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Encouraging Water Awareness

Students in Wyoming and Utah will get a first-hand view of water research through water science toolboxes developed as part of CI-Water, a Utah-Wyoming cyberinfrastructure water modeling collaboration. Designed to stimulate interest and awareness about water, the toolboxes assist students as they study local water resources in relation to climate, population and land use.

The classroom and outdoor activities encourage students and teachers to examine water use in their own lives, schools and communities. Based on these experiences, students and teachers can share their discoveries with their communities through art and advocacy projects. Through active engagement, the toolboxes promote problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

The Wyoming Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, the Natural History Museum of Utah and the Science Zone in Casper, Wyoming, are contributing resources to the toolbox project. The Science Zone will promote the toolkits through their after-school, Mad Science, High School Explainer and professional development programs.

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  • teachers engage in a water toolbox activity
  • contents of a water toolbox
A professional development workshop at the Utah Museum of Natural History.
Beth Cable
Contents of a water toolbox.
Beth Cable

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