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California: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

349 Award Highlights found :: California

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learning how microbes synthesize tetracycline may allow researchers to discover new antibiotics

Overcoming antibiotic resistance

Taking a cue from nature, researchers manipulate enzymes to create new antibiotics ...

Research Areas: Engineering

an ice core from the side of the main hole

Prehistoric ice cores help predict future climate

Climate time capsule shows previously hidden interactions between greenhouse gases and climate...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

an exoskeleton system enables a paraplegic patient to stand unassisted

Mobile exoskeleton eases physical therapy

Support system for those with limited mobility offers alternative to traditional rehabilitation aids...

Research Areas: Engineering

diagram shows wireless health care infrastructure

Disposable sensors for wireless health care

Mobile monitoring patches powered by micro-batteries and advanced radio technologies ...

Research Areas: Engineering

computer tomography and magnetic resonance images created this four-chamber model of the human heart

Modeling a living human heart

Simulation could improve design of implant technologies and other therapies...

Research Areas: Engineering

schematic of a genome-depleted plant virus encapsulating a near-infrared probe

Plant virus helps visualize ovarian cancer

Imaging agent used during surgery could improve patient outcomes...

Research Areas: Engineering

localized and mobile quantum states mix to form a new kind of magnetism

Electronic device innovation could benefit from a new kind of magnetism

Hastatic order may explain puzzling behavior exhibited by a variety of materials...

Research Areas: Physics

manganese oxide minerals boost reactions that create hydrogen from water

Generating hydrogen with manganese

Mineral could provide inexpensive, sustainable alternative for clean energy technology...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a computer simulation predicted that two forms of aspirin would have virtually identical stabilities

Predicting crystalline solids from organic molecule assembly

Simulation tools increase accuracy of molecule stability predictions...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

image and schematic show how the human brain analyzes biological motion

Distinguishing between animate and inanimate objects

Animacy judgments are governed by physical and biological constraints...

Research Areas: People & Society

calcifying corals growing in low pH conditions are more sensitive to erosion

Discovering how coral reefs respond to acid oceans

Corals in naturally acidified reefs experience slow growth and decreased density...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

regional culture and a major university are keys to successful innovation economies

The role of innovation in regional economies

Regional culture and a major university contribute to innovation economy success...

Research Areas: People & Society

researchers work on a technique that converts solar energy to fuel

Creating a more efficient way to store solar energy

Energy-to-fuel conversion process relies on metal oxides, steam and carbon dioxide...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

molecular dynamics simulations show the flexibility of sites critical to control of genetic information

Simulating protein motion leads to drug discovery

Visualizing atomic motion in proteins helps researchers develop disease therapies...

Research Areas: Biology

efforts by hbcus increased the number of minority graduates pursuing engineering careers

The impact of expanded access to engineering education

Historically black colleges and universities played a key role in increasing minority engineering graduates ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

divvy app groups images of the same object in a 2-d scatter plot

'Divvy' app opens up machine learning

Open source app shares algorithms quickly and easily ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

researcher guides wave monitoring float into the water

Riding (and monitoring) the ocean's internal waves

Self-propelled instruments offer feedback on the ocean's energy ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

device tests algal response to various flows of water

Fighting pollution with biodiversity

Highly diverse ecosystems are more efficient at removing unwanted nutrients ...

Research Areas: Biology

sign for chicken developed by deaf siblings in tzotzil, mexico

Isolated deaf siblings create complex sign language

Spontaneous sign language with complex grammar developed in isolated village ...

Research Areas: People & Society

molecular gas distribution in the andromeda galaxy

Complex star formation in the Andromeda galaxy

Data from the Hubble telescope and Earth-based CARMA explain how stars develop...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

the anatomically correct testbed hand allows researchers to study how the brain controls hand movements

Lending a robotic hand to movement studies

Automated hand sheds light on human biomechanics and motion control ...

Research Areas: Engineering

young children apply complex reasoning as they explore which shapes activate a special music box

The seeds of scientific reasoning are sown young

Babies and young children engage in spontaneous scientific reasoning ...

Research Areas: People & Society

electromagnetic data provides a cross-section of converging tectonic plates

Greasing the Earth's big plates

Partially molten rock may be lubricating one of the Earth's tectonic plates...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

sea urchin larvae raised under elevated carbon dioxide levels

Learning to like acid oceans

Sea urchins adapt to increasing ocean acidity...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

relocated gulf stream improves climate models

Improving climate change models

Variations in the ocean bottom affect climate predictions...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

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