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Missouri: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

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a researcher stands in front of a power system simulator

Brain cells power smart grid

Neural networks inspire methods to manage electrical supply and demand ...

Research Areas: Engineering

a researcher fits a wearable gps unit on a hadza man

Obesity linked more to diet than inactivity

Study of Tanzanians shows the scale favors those who eat less ...

Research Areas: People & Society

wounded warrior describes her stem success at veterans think tank

STEM Careers for Disabled Veterans

A variety of programs are encouraging veterans to pursue STEM careers...

Research Areas: Education

teachers extract DNA from plant materials during workshop

Cultivating a Better Botany Course for High Schools

Scientists share their expertise with teachers to create a more engaging plant biology program ...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

pond insects

To Restore Pond Ecosystems It's Back to the Past

Once upset, pond ecosystems reset to their original order....

Research Areas: Biology

Photograph, from behind, of six elderly people walking in the woods

Capturing Elderly Gait in the Home

Faculty and students are investigating new ways to monitor walking and movement patterns of elderly residents...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

malaria parasite

Setting a Molecular Clock for Malaria Parasites

Evolutionary timeline determined for malaria parasites in mammals, birds, reptiles...

Research Areas: Biology, People & Society

Photo of a fruit fly

Engineering Inspired by Nature

By looking to nature for inspiration, engineers and designers can draw upon a multitude of design elements to solve design problems....

Research Areas: Engineering

Image of a teacher

Graduate Fellows Bridge Engineering, International Partnerships and the K-12 Classroom

The Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri have incorporated their research in structural engineering into modules for the K-12 classroom that illustrate how math, science, construction, economics, engineering and globalization are intertwined. ...

Research Areas: Education

Image of the Bay Bridge

Improving Bridge Safety

Researchers are working to improve bridge safety in Missouri as a model approach for the nation. ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Engineering, Computing

Photo of cell phone and model of Earth

Planning for a World Connected through Mobile Networks

Researchers from the Mobile Computing Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis develop a new generation of software that allows people to work together on complex problems anytime and anywhere using wireless devices. ...

Research Areas: Computing

Photo of a lizard

Evolution Research Shapes Understanding of Life

Science organizations around the world are working to increase public awareness of evolution as the basis to every realm of modern biology....

Research Areas: Biology, Education

Image of fingers walking up staircase of dollar bills

Forming Impressions: Stereotypes and Status Matter

First impressions are based on two types of available information: categorical information, typically about group memberships and related stereotypes, and individual or personal information such as behavior and attitude....

Research Areas: People & Society

Photo of coal power plant

Making Green Bricks from Coal Plant Byproduct

Freight Pipeline Company has developed a energy-efficient, low-pollution method to manufacture bricks from fly ash....

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

Photo of women farming in India

Knowledge Improves Farmer Productivity

Glenn Davis Stone of Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., is studying the decision-making of farmers in India....

Research Areas: People & Society

Solar panels

Improving Grid Reliability with Interfaces for Distributed Energy Generation and Storage

Researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology are developing new technologies and strategies to improve the power electronics interface that is required to integrate distributed energy resources into the power grid....

Research Areas: Engineering, People & Society

Photo of flies

New Developments in the Science of Memory

Using genetic and engineering procedures on the fruit fly Drosophila, NSF-funded researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have identified neurons critical to the creation of visual pattern memories....

Research Areas: Biology

Image Currently Not Available

Legitimacy of the US Supreme Court and the Confirmation Process

Recent research by James Gibson of Washington University and Greg Caldeira of Ohio State University suggests increased attention to the confirmation of justices affects individual citizens' loyalty toward the Supreme Court....

Research Areas: People & Society

Image Currently Not Available

Plant Remains Signify Cultural Adaptation to Ancient Globalization

Archaeologists at Washington University have discovered 1,000 year old cultural adaptations in a town along the coast of Tanzania....

Research Areas: Biology, People & Society

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