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North Carolina: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

67 Award Highlights found :: North Carolina

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sensors within the hospital's foundation capture aftershock responses

Monitoring a building's response to earthquake aftershocks

Earthquake-resistant hospital provides guidance to architects and engineers...

Research Areas: Engineering

a visualization tool helps users track federal science investment in different areas over time

Visualizing trends in federal science investments

Detailed picture of large research portfolios now possible...

Research Areas: People & Society

engineered arabidopsis plants accumulate purple pigment when grown around nitrogenous compounds

From a small weed comes great things

ICAR meeting promotes exchange of information on important plant model...

Research Areas: Biology

this liquid metal antenna bends, twists, and tears but returns to its original shape

Stretchable antennas extend wireless monitoring

Antenna made of liquid metal flexes but returns to original shape...

Research Areas: Engineering

emperor penguins in antarctica

March of the fossil penguin

NSF-funded researchers discover giant fossil penguins of ancient New Zealand ...

Research Areas: Biology

deep beneath the ocean floor, microbes attached to basalt produce iron sulfide (pyrite)

Life under an igneous rock in the deep blue sea

Thriving community of microbes discovered buried beneath the seafloor...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

researchers collect soil samples from tropical forests in the peruvian amazon

Weighing the impact of human populations on the Amazon Basin

Pre-Columbian occupation may help guide current conservation policies...

Research Areas: Biology

a teacher reads to preschool children

School attendance influences language use by children

For African-American children use of vernacular dialect impacts test success...

Research Areas: People & Society

two toddlers playing

Poverty linked to women's employment and family policies

Study finds family poverty risk decreases when policies support women...

Research Areas: People & Society

heatmaps show the difference in brain activity between being alone and holding hands

Reach out and touch someone

Brain images reveal social interaction reduces anxiety ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Mathematics

natural gas drilling tower at the marcellus shale formation in pennsylvania

Drinking water contamination tied to shale gas extraction

Methane found in shallow groundwater systems above drilling sites...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

graduate student works on biofuel production process

Ramping Up Biofuel Production

Critical milestone achieved in the conversion of biomass into fuel...

Research Areas: Engineering

nanoscale structures can extract energy from higher frequencies of radiation

Scavenging Thermal Energy

Nanostructures harvest energy from terahertz waves...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

plant steroids control plant body size

Plant Balancing Act: Growth and Immunity

A plant hormone that regulates growth also impacts immunity to microbes ...

Research Areas: Biology

sensors test soil moisture and temperature in brazil's tropical dry forest

Optimizing Irrigation Strategies

Taking a cue from nature when it comes to managing fragile ecosystems...

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology

tumor cells highlighted with fluorescent markers

Modeling Tumors With Microfluidics

Approach investigates animal-free drug and gene delivery studies...

Research Areas: Engineering

home screen for tick app and example of an eastern u.s. tick species

An App for Tick Identification

Free App identifies different tick species and ways to protect against them ...

Research Areas: Biology, Computing

new chest retractor reduces trauma to tissues during surgery

Less Traumatic Chest Surgery

Sensors embedded in new surgical instrument detect and ease strain on rib cage...

Research Areas: Engineering

expert classroom visitor mengqi wang works with students

Renewable Energy for the Classroom

Expert visitors give young students an energy education...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Education, Engineering

a sea turtle volunteer explains to beachgoers how to verify the contents of a turtle nest

Citizen Scientists Key to Conservation Efforts

Volunteers make critical contributions to scientific activities...

Research Areas: People & Society, Biology

geometry of copper ion attached to prion protein

Copper's Role in Brain Diseases

Metal's presence has both positive and negative effects on brain proteins ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

tight quarters make proteins more stable

Crowded Proteins Mean Better Drug Therapies

Crowded, complex molecular solutions stablize proteins...

Research Areas: Biology, Chemistry & Materials

shear strains can create mechanically rigid materials

Material Jam

Findings suggest shearing may cause materials to transition from fluid to solid states...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Engineering

researcher uses virtual crime scene software

Virtual Crime Scene Solves Mysteries

Software creates crime scenes nearly identical to real-world counterparts....

Research Areas: Computing

humpback whale breaches the water

The Whale-Krill Relationship

Whale foraging may have negative impact on the Southern Ocean food web....

Research Areas: Polar

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