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Maryland: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

53 Award Highlights found :: Maryland

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dry yeast

Building yeast genomes from scratch

International effort leads to synthetic yeast chromosome, a building block for the yeast genome...

Research Areas: Biology

filming an ibiology talk in a green screen studio at the university of california, san francisco

iBiology goes behind the science of living things

Free, online collection of videos provides insights from leading scientific researchers...

Research Areas: Education, Biology

the folding landscape of green fluorescent protein

Mapping the folding landscape of green fluorescent proteins

Visualization of events leading to protein folding also allows pathway modification...

Research Areas: Biology

cash in hand

Corruption's impact on innovation

Study finds corruption can act as a tax against firms striving to innovate...

Research Areas: People & Society

student examines labeled neurons using a microscope

Creating hands-on lab experiences for undergraduates

Summer program prepares students for advanced research...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

unequal wages may diminish employee effort

Wage differences discourage employees and inhibit effort

Research findings may improve worker output and well-being...

Research Areas: People & Society

molecular gas distribution in the andromeda galaxy

Complex star formation in the Andromeda galaxy

Data from the Hubble telescope and Earth-based CARMA explain how stars develop...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

a hexacopter flying in costa rica

A social network for 3-D ecology

Innovative tools unite scientists and citizens ...

Research Areas: Biology

bronchoscope adapter

Extending Robotic Surgery's Range of Motion

Student improves motion of robot-assisted flexible endoscopes ...

Research Areas: Engineering

a charger for next-generation electric vehicles

Charging Toward Next-generation Electric Vehicles

Unique charger has fewer components, higher efficiency and better power than current designs...

Research Areas: Engineering

high-speed photography reveals canonical structures that produce sprinkler spray

Improving Fire Sprinkler Sprays

Laser-based diagnostics unlock complexity of spray dispersal...

Research Areas: Engineering

user demonstrates the acceleglove and sign generator program

Sign Language Device Improves Two-Way Communication

Software coupled with sensor glove expands access for deaf and hard-of-hearing...

Research Areas: Engineering

students benefited from teacher participation in a math-science partnership

Partnership Heightens Student Interest in STEM

Pipeline program engages minority students and teachers in unique opportunities...

Research Areas: Education

a millimeter-wave map measures the mass of a distant galaxy cluster while a companion image shows the galaxy cluster itself

The Galaxy Cluster Frontier

CARMA measures the mass of the most distant galaxy clusters ever found...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

race influences young children when they interpret ambiguous interracial images

Combating Racism at an Early Age

Race influences children's reasoning as young as age 7 ...

Research Areas: People & Society

simulations provide insights into crowd behavior

Monitoring Movement through Time and Space

Simulations give insights into crowd behavior during ordinary and emergency situations...

Research Areas: People & Society

man cupping hand to mouth to be heard as he shouts

Early Warning System for Scientific Breakthroughs

The Action Science Explorer gives users the power to see hundreds of publications at once, finding hot topics, key papers and leading investigators....

Research Areas: Computing

flower image shown on a mobile phone

Into the Woods with the Leafsnap App

Mobile field guide hastens tree identification ...

Research Areas: Biology, Computing

Artist's concept of environment around supermassive black hole

Quasar's Jet Can Alter the Evolution of an Entire Galaxy

Energy from a supermassive black hole can alter the evolution of an entire galaxy, possibly ending its growth...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Physics

map of PhysTEC member institutions across the U.S.

PhysTEC Addresses Shortage of Physics Teachers

Coalition's efforts emphasize physics training for student teachers...

Research Areas: Education, Physics

sequence of sea-surface temperatures (top) and schematic of spilling process (bottom)

Ocean Eddies Control North Atlantic Current

Findings may change view of Atlantic currents and alter climate models...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Computing

3-D image of tilted vortex streamlines

Improving Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

High-resolution weather model picks up small-scale disturbances...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

collage of fractal tree, tree image and water tunnel

Fractal Trees and Wind Turbulence

Fractal elements enhance accuracy of turbulence models...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Mathematics

bullet and gunpowder

Strategies for Reducing International Conflict

Research may help defuse emerging discord and encourage peaceful relations....

Research Areas: People & Society

woman working with two children

Helping America's Youth Succeed

Investments in technology for education and training improve student outcomes....

Research Areas: Education, People & Society

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