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Washington: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

75 Award Highlights found :: Washington

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recyled water bottles are transformed into lightweight panels for multiple applications

Construction and printing materials fabricated from plastic component in used water bottles

Rapid fabricator transforms plastic into commercially viable panels ...

Research Areas: Engineering

a green turtle

Promoting more effective marine conservation

Accountability and flexibility enhance adoption of conservation technologies ...

Research Areas: People & Society

microchined samples cut with waterjets

Precision machining with waterjets

Technology advances broaden manufacturing capabilities...

Research Areas: Engineering

wireless sensors convert muscle activity into movements in popular computer games

Retraining the brain after injury with neurogame therapy

Approach improves hand function for children and adults...

Research Areas: Engineering

a bumblebee visits a monkeyflower

The science behind a flower's sweet scent

Flowers have evolved specific scents to attract different insect pollinators...

Research Areas: Biology

map shows the abundance and distribution of microbes along the coasts of washington and oregon and inland waters of vancouver island and puget sound

Probing the structure of ocean microbe communities

A novel sea-going flow cytometer gives a better view of microbes on the ocean surface ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

an electronic glucose sensor fits into a contact lens

Monitoring diabetes with contact lenses

Glucose sensor fits onto the surface of the eye...

Research Areas: Engineering

researcher guides wave monitoring float into the water

Riding (and monitoring) the ocean's internal waves

Self-propelled instruments offer feedback on the ocean's energy ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a seaglider allows researchers to observe circulation patterns in the deep ocean

Seagliders assess the deep ocean's pulse

Remote-controlled vehicles measure circulation patterns far below the surface ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

schematic shows the conversion of formic acid to methanol

Making methanol from renewable resources

Brittle transition metal helps create clean alternative to traditional fuel ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Earth & Environment

map of mode water thickness

Mode waters act as the ocean's memory

Subsurface water captures cumulative record of previous winters...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

field of teasel in illinois

Which plants will survive a warming climate?

Annuals less vulnerable to rapid shifts in temperature...

Research Areas: Biology

a robotic model of the head of a largemouth bass

The adventures of Bassbot

Robotic fish head reveals how fish feed...

Research Areas: Biology

rifts and surface crevasses near pine island glacier's grounding line

West Antarctic ice shelves slip-sliding away

Ice shelves are losing their grip and could amplify ice loss to the sea...

Research Areas: Polar

contact lens with embedded lactate sensor

Contact Lens Keeps an Eye on Your Health

Integrated lactate sensor turns contact lens into a wireless health monitor...

Research Areas: Engineering

head and thorax of a male rhinoceros beetle with a branched horn

What Developmental Mechanism Leads to Extreme Trait Size?

Insulin plays a role in the growth of extreme, sexually selected traits ...

Research Areas: Biology

testing a two-story braced frame at the national center for research in earthquake engineering in taiwan

Steeling Buildings Against Seismic Activity

Performance testing enhances design of braced steel frame systems...

Research Areas: Engineering

blue spots show where glucose stopped ferroelectric activity in the aorta

The Heart's Reversible Response to Electricity

Finding may help explain connection between hardening of the arteries and diabetes...

Research Areas: Engineering

researchers sample water at north twin lake

The Mercury Paradox

Adding oxygen doesn't always lower mercury levels in lake fish...

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology

students work together on a stem activity

Strengthening Informal Science Programs for Girls

National Girls Collaborative Project connects organizations across the U.S. ...

Research Areas: Education

wounded warrior describes her stem success at veterans think tank

STEM Careers for Disabled Veterans

A variety of programs are encouraging veterans to pursue STEM careers...

Research Areas: Education

graph depicts social network of people surveyed in a community

Gathering Every Voice

Getting the most out of surveys based on social networks...

Research Areas: People & Society

collage shows midshipman fish, nest sites and eggs

Fish Soundings

Researchers identify how fish pinpoint sound sources underwater ...

Research Areas: Biology

researchers meet with local farmers and officials in china

Bringing Water to a Fragile Ecosystem in China

New water management approach benefits both industry and farmers...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education, Earth & Environment

researcher cores a larch tree near the arctic circle

Climate Affects Arctic Tree Growth

Northermost trees experiencing slow growth due to warming in recent decades...

Research Areas: Polar, Earth & Environment

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