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Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center

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I/UCRC: BioMolecular Interaction Technology Center  (University of New Hampshire)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

 The Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center, an NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC), is a consortium of scientists from universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and instrument manufacturers. The center conducts research in advanced methods for analyzing biomolecular interactions--critical knowledge for understanding disease mechanisms and developing safe and effective drugs.  The partners facilitate the transfer of technologies through training, consultation and collaboration. 

Education & Outreach

 An I/UCRC not only contributes to the nation's research infrastructure base; it also enhances the capacity of the science and engineering workforce through the integration of research and education. The program leverages NSF funding with industry resources to support undergraduate and graduate students performing industrially relevant and interdisciplinary research.

The Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center provides an environment in which students interact with faculty and professional researchers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and instrumentation industry.  Students, faculty, and industry professionals benefit from the center's workshops, roundtable discussions, and web-based Technical Resource Center.

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