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Wisconsin: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

42 Award Highlights found :: Wisconsin

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a disposable plastic cartridge identifies bacteria's response to chemical signals

Diagnosing and treating bacterial diseases with a simple cartridge assay

Device reveals how chemical signals influence behavior of bacterial colonies...

Research Areas: Biology

the crystal structure of a sea urchin tooth

Form enhances function in biological crystals

Mineralized biostructures offer blueprint for strong, lightweight ceramics and glasslike materials...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a small group gathers for deployment of the final group of digital optical modules

Insights Into the Beginnings of Cosmic Rays

Observations cause astronomers to reevaluate theory of cosmic ray generation...

Research Areas: Physics, Polar, Astronomy & Space

materials used to grow plants for genome imaging

Rapid Imaging of Genome Function

Imaging technique reveals how genetically varied seedlings respond to gravity ...

Research Areas: Biology

intensity map for cosmic rays from a 20-teraelectronvolt sample

Energy Levels Influence Cosmic Ray Arrivals

Polar observatory detects an alternate arrival pattern that departs from predictions ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

key elements of a lens array

Feeding the Bandwidth Beast

Architecture for wireless communications offers potential for unprecedented data speed...

Research Areas: Engineering

a fly

Miniature Antennas Mimic Insect Hearing

New capabilities will impact wireless applications, medical imaging and radar systems...

Research Areas: Engineering

researcher identifies specimens collected by teachers near magueyes island

Teaching Across Cultures

Wisconsin-Puerto Rico exchange creates new educational materials...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

various arrangements of human amylin in solution

The Link Between Protein Folding and Diabetes

Hairpin structure shows tendency to form toxic protein associated with Type 2 diabetes...

Research Areas: Engineering

breast surgeon holds cancer probe during testing

Hand-held Probe Detects Cancer

Device distinguishes between cancerous and normal tissue during surgery...

Research Areas: Engineering

composite image of the bullet cluster of galaxies

Dark Matters

Indirect detection of dark matter shows expected levels of neutrino background...

Research Areas: Polar, Astronomy & Space

the book coming clean describes how laws make companies better environmental citizens

Companies Coming Clean

Required information disclosure helps curb pollution...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, People & Society

magnetic field reversals in the heliotail result in the naturally occurring tevatron accelerator

The Solar System's Particle Accelerator

Direction of cosmic ray arrivals suggests solar wake acts as a natural tevatron ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Physics

illustration of the face search technique based on interactive shape manipulation

Facial Recognition: Time for a Close Up

Human face retrieval now incorporates grins and other unusual facial features ...

Research Areas: Computing

drought-resistant plants could improve agricultural production

Building Drought Resistant Plants

Protein discovery offers insights into plant dehydration...

Research Areas: Biology

image of space dust

Organic Chemistry Among the Stars

Highly reactive organic molecule found in interstellar space....

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Chemistry & Materials

figures at desks

Finding the Best in Virtual Work Environments

Researchers study the impact of virtual connections on business practices....

Research Areas: People & Society

can with BPA logo

Inorganic Coating Offers BPA-free Lining for Food Cans

New coating provides safe, inexpensive alternative to current lining....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

Photo of zooplankton, Daphnia pulex

Research Finds that Zooplankton Eat off the Land

Even open-water animals rely on supplements from the shore ...

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

photo of pollen spores seen through microscrope lens

New Clues Rule Out Suspects in the Mammoth Extinction Mystery

Extinction of large, plant-eating mammals may have contributed to dramatic changes in prehistoric North American forests...

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

Transmission electron micrograph of misfolded prion protein.

Limiting Exposure to Mad Cow Proteins

Proteins that cause mad cow disease fail to migrate deep into soil leading to local sources of infection....

Research Areas: Biology, Engineering

computer response

Computer Scientists Advance Secure Emergency Response Systems

A groundbreaking new framework integrates data from multiple sources and responds to dynamic, real-world scenarios...

Research Areas: Computing

next gen glass

Next-generation High-performance Glass

When heated this new glass transforms into an unusually mobile supercooled liquid....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

sea urchin teeth

Sea Urchin Teeth Are Self-Sharpening

Finding could aid development of improved grinding and cutting tools...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Biology

Photo of Northern House Mosquito

Understanding Spread of West Nile Virus

Research has shown that the suitability of the environment for both mosquito breeding and transmission to birds is the key to understanding the spread of the virus....

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

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