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Science of Learning Centers (SLC)

The Science of Learning Centers conduct research to address questions central to our understanding of learning and its societal implications. They incorporate diverse, multidisciplinary environments involving partnerships with academia, industry, international partners, other public and private entities, and all levels of education. The centers promote the participation of underrepresented minorities in research at the frontiers of science, and facilitate knowledge transfer and dissemination to the research communities, industry, and the general public.

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Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center

The core of the PSLC is LearnLab, where education researchers create, run and analyze experiments on how people learn....

Type: Research Assets, Program Centers
students working at table

Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center

SILC focuses on spatial learning to help students gain the skills they need to excel in a global economy....

Type: Program Centers
still shot of video on YouTube of student using sign language

Visual Language and Visual Learning Center (VL2)

Scientists at VL2 study the relationship between language and learning, particularly among deaf students, to improve education for all visual learners...

Type: Program Centers
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Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science and Technology (CELEST)

CELEST synthesizes experimental, modeling, and technological approaches to research in order to understand how the brain learns as a whole system....

Type: Program Centers
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Learning in Informal and Formal Environments Center

LIFE’s research explores how people learn both in and out of school, and includes study of the impacts of media multitasking....

Type: Program Centers
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