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Research Vessel Endeavor

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Oceanographic Technical Services, 2009-2011, RV Endeavor  (University of Rhode Island)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The 185-foot Research Vessel Endeavor is based in Narragansett, Rhode Island. RV Endeavor is owned by the National Science Foundation and has been operated by the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island for more than thirty years. Scientists from Rhode Island, the greater US, and abroad, conduct research and train graduate students aboard this multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel. RV Endeavor was designed from the keel up as a modern oceanographic research vessel and underwent a major mid-life refit in 1993.

Through 2009, RV Endeavor had carried out over 450 cruises and steamed approximately one million nautical miles in support of science. She has carried literally thousands of scientists, engineers, technicians, and students on these expeditions. In her career, RV Endeavor has operated throughout the Atlantic Ocean, ranging as far north as Svalbard Archipelago and as far south as Tristan de Cunha. In the last five years she has sailed across Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and into the Black Sea and from Brazil across the ocean to Africa. RV Endeavor has also operated in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and into the Pacific Ocean as far as Easter Island and Hawaii.

Education & Outreach

The RI Endeavor Program provides Rhode Islanders with direct access to the scientific research and educational capabilities of RV Endeavor. As part of the program, educators are provided sea-going research experiences through the RI Teacher-at-Sea Program. Designed by the Office of Marine Programs, RITAS establishes sustainable partnerships between ocean scientists, researchers and teachers who live and teach in Rhode Island. Teachers selected for the program will become part of a scientific research team conducting ocean science research while cruising aboard the RV Endeavor. All K-12 educators of Science, Technology, Art, Math, English and History are invited to apply.

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The vessel Endeavor, operated by the Universiity of Rhode Island.
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