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Wyoming: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

8 Award Highlights found :: Wyoming

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teachers engage in a water toolbox activity

Encouraging Water Awareness

Students get a first-hand view of water research through water science toolboxes ...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

A pink moss campion flowering on the side of a rocky cliff face

Even Gradual Climate Change Can Push Plant Species Past a Tipping Point

New results show that alpine plan populations sit on the brink in more ways than one...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

photo of pollen spores seen through microscrope lens

New Clues Rule Out Suspects in the Mammoth Extinction Mystery

Extinction of large, plant-eating mammals may have contributed to dramatic changes in prehistoric North American forests...

Research Areas: Biology, Earth & Environment

Photo of Ponderosa Pine trees

Student Wins International Prize for Ponderosa Pine Research

Mark Lesser, a graduate student studying ecology at the University of Wyoming, received a Student Poster Award at the 2009 International Biogeography Society meeting in Merida, Mexico....

Research Areas: Biology, Education

Illustration of Long-tailed Manakins.

Tropical Birds Dance Duet in Cooperative Courtship Ritual

Some male birds cooperate rather than compete for female attention...

Research Areas: Biology

Graduate student teaching children about aquatic insects.

University of Wyoming Establishes Ecology Program

The Wyoming EPSCoR Ecology Project emphasizes the development of ecological research infrastructure at the University of Wyoming....

Research Areas: Biology, Education

Photo of clouds in a blue sky

Cumulus Cloud Study Improves Weather Forecast Accuracy

Bart Geerts of the University of Wyoming and Joseph Zehnder of Creighton University have conducted field experiments around the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona to study cumulus clouds....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a biofilm of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Protecting Medical Devices by Unlocking the Secret Language of Biofilm Formation

An NSF-funded study challenges assumptions that a "global" messenger molecule instrumental in formation of biofilms, including those present on human skin, is universally used by all bacteria....

Research Areas: Biology, Nanoscience

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